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Would You Stamp These Xooglers?


The iTunes App Store got another offering to the ratings gods today. This one in the form of Stamped, a New York-based startup which boasts two Xooglers as co-founders, Bart Stein and Robby Stein (possible relations? Ed note: We’ve received word from Stamped’s PR team that their last name is merely coincidental), and more Xooglers within its seven-person team.

When TechCrunch first reported on the app back in September, MG Siegler (in his pre-VC days—how quaint!) salivated over Stamped’s simplicity, which boils recommendations down to whether or not you’d send something to your friends with a stamp of approval.  At the time, Mr. Siegler compared Stamped to Instagram when “Simplicity and speed won the day.” Read More