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Startup News: Warby Parker Ate Way Too Much Salad and Sold a Lot of Monocles This Year

Katie Couric in Warby Parker (Photo:

Rose-Colored Glasses Warby Parker just released its annual report for 2012, and it’s a pretty fun slideshow to click through. The glasses empire now has 113 full-time employes and 42 part-time employees. Of those bespectacled folks, 108 have company-sponsored gym memberships. In other Warby Parker health news, 2,507 pounds of salad were eaten in the office this year. Although there are not too many exact sales figures in the package (besides the fact that 296 monocles were sold this year) a diagram on the last page shows that sales from the first quarter of the year to the last one have nearly tripled.¬†Warby Parker says it gave out 250,000 pairs of glasses this year, some of which went to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Read More

The War on Email

Inbox Heroes: For Ari Meisel, Co-Founder of Less Doing, Email Is a Game

Mr. Meisel

Ari Meisel is a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, author and inventor. As co-founder of Less Doing, one his areas of focus is making all life and business tasks more efficient.

When someone asks me what I do for a living I typically say I’m a real estate developer. While thats true it’s one of several things I like to keep myself busy with. I’m a green building consultant, a serial entrepreneur on my 7th company, a triathlete, wellness expert, inventor, and author. All that really means is I get lots and lots of email everyday and they usually cover a broad range of topics. One of my companies is called Less Doing, which I co-founded with Jameson Detweiller. We believe that there is a better way to do everything. We try to attack every problem with tactics falling under three categories. Optimize, Automate, Outsource. The entire point of everything we do is to free up time and more importantly brain power so you can do other more enjoyable things with your resources. Read More