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VCs Step Up to Defend Airbnb as Victimized Blogger Speaks Out and Other Horror Stories Come to Light

The Airbnb founding team. Shoes on the leather couch? Really?

The story of one Airbnb user whose home was ransacked continues to play out in increasingly mainstream media. The victim, “EJ,” spoke pseudo-anonymously to USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle, which both confirmed aspects of her story. She told Betabeat in an email that she’s been swamped with media requests and will have a statement later this week. TechCrunch also picked up a story of another Airbnb user who hosted a badly-behaved guest–this time with pictures.

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham took to the YC-administered forum Hacker News this weekend to defend Airbnb against accusations on TechCrunch and elsewhere: “I’ve just learned more about this situation, and it turns out Airbnb has been offering to fix it, from the very beginning,” he wrote. “From the beginning they offered to pay to get her a new place and new stuff, and do whatever else she wanted.┬áThe story Arrington wrote yesterday about Airbnb not offering to help was bullshit.” In another comment, he said “an angry mob” was upvoting any stories about the dust-up on Hacker News. Read More