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Startup News: WillCall Lets You Share Tickets to Hipster Shows and Cornell Tech Assembles a Techie Dream Team

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A night out with WillCall If you want to see a show but hate Ticketmaster, you don’t have too many options. Most of the time, you can either try buying secondhand from Craigslist or StubHub, or you can stay home. But the WillCall app, which originally launched last year, capitalizes on the remaining few venues (mostly smaller, all noble) that don’t have deals with big sellers to bring you a curated list of recommended events and a quick way to get tickets. This week, WillCall announced that the latest version of the app will also make it easy to transfer tickets between users, in case they’re a gift or someone has to back out at the last minute.  Read More

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Sheryl Sandberg Weighs In On ‘Having It All’ With a New Book Encouraging Women Toward Leadership Roles

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Back in April, we threw a question out to female readers: Are you a Sheryl or a Marissa? This was three months before Marissa Mayer was named CEO of Yahoo, proudly proclaiming her new employer’s “evolved” attitude towards to her pregnancy (she gave birth this week) even as she vowed to work through her maternity leave–already shortened to just a few weeks.

That kind of work-first decision was hardly a surprise to anyone familiar with the perky Type A executive, who “doesn’t believe in burnout.” But we’ve always been relieved there was another role model for a woman in tech–or any field, really–who wanted to ascend to leadership positions. That’s why we jumped on Sheryl Sandberg’s confession (that she leaves the office at 5.30 to have dinner with her kids) like it was a life raft, especially coming from the Facebook COO responsible for slowly transforming “Silicon Valley’s male-dominated culture,” as chronicled by The New Yorker‘s Ken Auletta last year. Read More