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Raise Cache Hits $100K Funding Goal for HackNY

(image courtesy Raise Cache)

Raise Cache, the techie fashion show presented by Raptor Ventures, raised $75,000 from selling 1,500 tickets, an additional $20,000 or so in Skillshare classes, and another $5,000 or so through an auction. That means the event slightly exceeded its rather ambitious $100,000 goal for the HackNY programmer apprenticeship program that encourages students to intern with startups instead of heading to Wall Street.

“A lot of times I thought it wasn’t going to happen,” organizer Rebecca Zhou told Betabeat. “In the Armory, a car looks like an ant. I was like, ‘omigosh, how are we going to fill this thing?’ But it all came together.” Read More

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Last Night’s Raise Cache Fashion Show: No One On the Corner Have Swagger Like Us [Video]

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Billy Chasen,

“We need to form two lines,” said the Raise Cache volunteer, parting the sea of people amassed outside the Park Avenue Armory last night into those with VIP tickets and those without. “Separate, but equal . . . kind of,” she added. The crowd laughed and Betabeat patiently waited our turn. After all, it’s not everyday you see patent leather pumps and fringe mixed in with the Converse and jeans.

Everyone who’s anyone from the startup world had gathered there to raise money for a universally-beloved cause: a fundraiser for hackNY, the program that shepherds computer science students towards Startupland–and away from Goldman. And, oh boy, did folks clean up nice. Seriously, where have all you PYTs been hiding? Read More

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As It Prepares to Raise Cache, Spinning A Million Tracks Per Day

Internet rock stars

Silicon Alley is buzzing for tonight’s fashionable tech fete, the runway party to Raise Cache for HackNY. The DJs for tonight’s event will rocking the house via, which bestowed special avatars on Fred Wilson, Andy Weissman, Dennis Crowley, Dave Goldberg and Lauren Leto.

Betabeat chatted with co-founder Billy Chasen, who will also be spinning tonight. “To be honest, I’ve never really been a DJ in real life,” Mr. Chasen said. “It’s a little intimidating.”

Online, however, he has no such hang ups. “When I am DJing on and a whole room is listening to what I want them to, people pressing the awesome button, that’s just a powerful feeling.” Read More

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Startup News: Startup Weekend Partners With Kauffman Foundation


STARTUP WEEKEND. Startup Weekend is now an affiliate of the Kauffman Foundation, the same entity that funds AngelList. “While Startup Weekend will continue to operate autonomously, becoming a Kauffman affiliate will allow the organization to increase its geographical reach, conduct more frequent events, and build long-term sustainability. Startup Weekend events bring entrepreneurs and supporters together and teaches Read More

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DANCE BATTLE: Fred Wilson v. Dennis Crowley GraFight For Raise Cache [Video]


We knew our Google Alert for Fred Wilson would eventually pay off with video goodies!

Betabeat just came across this oddly addictive super short film to promote Raise Cache and it has native New York cred in spades. 

As we mentioned back in October, Raise Cache is an upcoming party to raise funds for hackNY. Organizer and former TechStars’s HackStar Rebecca Zhou promised Moot as model in the party’s fashion show and spinning via

But beyond the illustrated presence of @Dens and Mr. Wilson, New York startups were also involved in the making of the video: Everything Butt Art made the avatars and GraFighters, which is backed Union Square Ventures, designed the battle.

Please enjoy responsibly and good luck getting this song out of your head!: Read More

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The Winners from HackNY’s Biggest Hackathon Ever and the Debut of the Hacker League


There were a few factors that made hackNY’s fourth intercollegiate hackathon the one to beat.

First, the much-loved local fellowship program got ambassadors from the likes of Pivotal Labs, Foursquare, Code Academy, Twilio and Google (“But I’m not here officially,” said the rep who shall not be named) to hold office hours during the hackathon. They were on hand to help bleary-eyed hackers running on empty RedBull with the finer points of MongoDB and JavaScript. Then we heard 10gen, Kevin Ryan’s most promising investment, was sponsoring buses to pick up coders all the way from schools like RISD, Carnegie Mellon, and UPenn. But the real clincher was that the hackathon was organized using the Hacker League, which was itself a hack cobbled together last week by three students from Rutgers who skipped class to get it ready in time.

In the first hour alone, we learned about a stealth New York startup with some big name clients and an upcoming party. Add in some humorous contestants (“It’s its like Chatroulette, but without the dicks!” was one memorable tagline) and some familiar judges (David Tisch, Chris Dixon, Charlie O’Donnell, Khoi Vinh) and it made Betabeat wish we’d stayed up all night too. Well, not really, but close enough.

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