Fitness 2.0

Shocker: Cloud Company Reports People Love Putting Their Health Data in the Cloud

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Companies like Fitbit, who make fitness wearables and health trackers, purport to want to help businesses wire up their employees to improve productivity — and allegedly, employees love it, according to a convenient new report by The Human Cloud at Work project.

The project is a collaboration between Goldsmiths, University of London and cloud services company Rackspace. They worked with British businesses to hook their employees up to a combination of three wearables: an accelerometer wristband, a brain wave sensor, and a posture coaching device. Read More


Booting Up: Germany Says Stop Using Internet Explorer Edition

Isn't everyone at Oktoberfest, anyway? (Photo:

The government of Germany is urging citizens to stop using Internet Explorer–at least until a security hole you could drive a Volkswagen through is fixed. But who goes back to IE once they’ve switched, even for a couple of days? [Reuters]

If you must patent troll, it’s important to get a few basic technological details correct. GitHub and Rackspace are different entities. [Wired]

It’s official–tech companies including Amazon, Yahoo, and Facebook are joining forces to form The Internet Association, their very own lobbying shop. [TNW]

Do not shell out $1,600 on eBay just to have the iPhone 5 a few days early. That would make you a chump. [CNET]

A visit to the Ace Hotel: “‘I’m just trying to figure out who those people are and do they have jobs,’ said Chip Morrow, a lawyer from Memphis, staying at the hotel while trying a prescription drug case. ‘I mean, I see laptops everywhere but I can’t figure out what everybody’s doing.'” [Marketplace]

Developer Kings

The Perks of Being a Developer

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Forrst sticker swag

On a handout provided at the “How to Hire Developers in a Competitive Market” workshop a few weeks ago, a long list of descriptors attempted to serve up some insight into the psyche of developers. Among the more typical dev stereotypes like “tenacious” and “innovative” were more specific terms, like “sensitive BS detector” and “anti-establishment.” Oddly missing from the list were “Kegerator obsession” and “distaste for donning footwear.”

But we’ll get to that.

Much like unicorns or rent-controlled apartments, software engineers are a rare, fascinating breed. Many are sensitive to sunlight, only wear hoodies and boast a blood composition of 90 percent Mountain Dew. Unencumbered by emotional irrationality, they operate primarily on logic, using highly complicated algorithmic equations to make even the simplest of decisions, like which sushi place to order from. They are obsessive, strange and brilliant, and they make some of the most beloved products in our modern world. Read More

Cloud Down

Amazon Still Recovering; Aviary Still Down

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Poor is still down, forced to replace its site with a screenshot of the homepage and an apology: “Our hosting company (amazon EC2) is experiencing a large-scale outage that is affecting many sites across the internet, including Reddit, FourSquare and us. They are working to resolve the problem and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re back. Meanwhile, enjoy this preview of our new homepage!” Read More