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Some Jerk FDNY Lt. Thought Passover Was a Good Time to Call Bloomberg ‘King Jew’ on Twitter

Bad Lt

Perhaps the FDNY should incorporate social media etiquette into its intense training sessions. The department and its well-connected aspirants have been responsible for a rash of racist tweets recently. This time it involves 34-year-old EMS Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos who recently went tirade involving racist, anti-semitic and anti-Asian remarks on his since deleted Twitter account.

The New York Post revealed that Dluhos’ Twitter account was a hotbed for nasty remarks, including one instance where he joked about giving up racial remarks for Lent and then added “Jesus that didn’t [last] long…F-ken chinks cant drive.” Read More

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Rap Genius Cofounder Responds to ‘The Haters’ with Yet Another Diss Video

Diss video Rap Genius

Last Friday, Betabeat followed up on reports from author Byron Crawford about offensive racist IMs shared in one of Rap Genius’ editor chatrooms. (For those of you unfamiliar with Rap Genius: A. Where the hell have you been? And B. Here’s our contribution to the cacophony on their $15 million investment from Silicon Valley powerhouse Andreessen Horowitz.)

In response to our questions about the racist chatter, cofounder Mahbod Moghadam dismissed the notion that this was reflective of the Rap Genius community, telling Betabeat that users can gain entry into “Editor Chats,” without being vetted by earning Rap IQ points on the site and that users have used voting rings to game the system in the past. He then blamed hackers for the offensive content, before recanting and saying the parties responsible were merely exploiting a loophole in the system that allowed members to impersonate another user’s name in chat, rather than hacking into the company’s code. Read More

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Ashton Kutcher Dons Brownface In Racist Pop Chips Ad, Anil Dash Offers Advice On How to Fix the Problem

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 6.51.51 PM

Prolific tech investor Ashton Kutcher made a major flub in his new advertising campaign for Pop Chips out today, although you wouldn’t know it by reading the industry press. Thankfully, Anil Dash was there to call it like he sees it, as Mr. Dash is wont to do. In the campaign, Mr. Kutcher, who was named Pop Chips “president of pop culture” in 2010, plays four different characters in a series of spots made to look like dating videos. For the Indian character named Raj, Mr. Kutcher is painted up in brownface and speaks in a caricature of an Indian accent.

“Don’t watch it,” Mr. Dash writes in a blogpost condemning the ad. “It’s a hackneyed, unfunny advertisement featuring Kutcher in brownface talking about his romantic options, with the entire punchline being that he’s doing it in a fake-Indian outfit and voice. That’s it, there’s seriously no other gag.” Read More