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Series Not Awesome: Quincy Apparel Reportedly Closes Up Shop

Quincy Apparel cofounders. (Photo:

We’re not in free-fall just yet, but the horizon is beginning to look awfully cliff-like. First came beloved and press-feted Loosecubes, and now it seems that Quincy Apparel, the next-generation clothing company that was supposed to put sharp workwear within the reach of us grubby normals, is closing. Business Insider reports the company has just informed its customers via email that its online shop will shut down on January 30th.

The note added, “We want to thank all of our customers for your support over the last year and a half as Quincy grew from an idea to a full collection.” Read More

Did Sandy Leave Your Startup Stranded? Desks & Working Wifi in Midtown, the Flatiron, Williamsburg

Inside AlleyNYC earlier this year.

New York City’s startup scene is nothing if not symbiotic and self-motivated. So it came as no surprise that yesterday afternoon, Brooklyn Bridge Ventures’ founder Charlie O’Donnell had already started organizing a list of available office space under the Twitter hashtag #sandycoworking. Some people will take any excuse to keep working!

Today, even more startups and coworking hubs have opened their doors, like Mirror, a social discovery platform for dating, social and professional purposes, which launched in March. “As a startup founder and CEO, I understand how important it is to be productive. Each day is critical in the life of a startup,” Mirror CEO and founder Daniel Mattio said in a press release.

If you end up using Mirror’s office, we bet a “Fuck it, Ship It” sticker would make an appropriate thank-you gift.  Read More