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Famous People like Soulja Boy, Brandy and Neil Patrick Harris Already Forming Google Glass Clique

Not how you will look in Glass. (Photo:

Though Google Glass makes even models look vaguely dorky, a host of celebs are lining up to try them out. Stanford computer science doctoral student Andrej Karpathy analyzed the winners of the #ifihadglass contest and pulled them into a neat little table organized by follower count. The result makes it super easy to see which celebrities were chosen as part of the lucky 8,000 winners of a Glass explorers kit. Read More

Buyer Beware

Bid for What Might or Might Not Be Google Glasses on Ebay, If You DARE

HMMMM. (Photo: screencap)

Guess we finally have an honest answer to the question posed by #IfIHadGlass. The Next Web reports that this very minute over at Ebay, bidding is climbing steadily upward on a product listing for what purports to be a pair of the futuristic specs. Someone who claims he was chosen as “an early adapter for Google’s upcoming release” says he’ll sell his pair (unopened and in the color of your choice) to the highest bidder.

The price has already skyrocketed from $1,500 to $15,900, proving once and for all that some people have far more money than patience or common sense.

Come on, folks: Do you really want to pull the hardware equivalent of buying a tragically busted knock-off wedding dress? This is basic stuff, like how you shouldn’t spend $200 on an “iPad” at a gas station that’s actually just a mirror. Read More

Planet Google

Here’s What It Feels Like to Wear Google Glass

Pfft, American. (Photo: Google)

Attention fellow wannabe cyborgs: Google Glass can soon be ours! As long as you have $1,500 and are willing to use Google Plus. So, ya know, there’s that.

In a new video, the notoriously tightlipped Project X team released some fresh details about Google’s attempt at wearable technology. The video, which–yes–includes skydiving, shows users saying “OK glass” to get the attention of the system before sending it commands, such as “Take a picture,” “Record a video” and “Say ‘delicious’ in Thai.” The system also sends speech-to-text messages and livestreams video. Read More

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Here’s the First ‘Documentary’ Compiled Using Footage from a Bunch of Google Glasses

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A few days ago we lamented that even the models strutting down the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s fashion week show looked vaguely dorky in Google Glasses. Now, a video compiled from the footage taken by the models has been assembled and uploaded to YouTube. It’s the first official video made entirely from clips recorded by a slew of real Google Glasses prototypes. Read More

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Even Hot Models Look Kind of Dorky in Google Glasses

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This could soon be you! (Google Plus)

A few months ago, following a cyborg attack in a Parisian McDonalds, we predicted that Google would be the first to market with computer glasses, but that Apple would take its time perfecting a beautiful, sleek prototype that would automatically become the emblem for hipness everywhere. Now, it looks like Google is trying to head off that theory by incorporating the Project Glass prototype into a New York Fashion Week show. Face computers are super glam, you guys. Read More

Resistance is Futile

‘Cyborg Attack’ in Parisian McDonald’s Does Not Bode Well for Google Glasses

Mr. Mann (Photo: EyeTap Blog)

On Monday, a post by University of Toronto professor Steve Mann about an attack he experienced at a Parisian McDonald’s made it to the front page of Hacker News. In an emotional retelling, Mr. Mann recounted how, while on a family vacation in Paris, a trio of McDonald’s employees physically harassed and abused him for wearing a pair of computer glasses called “EyeTap Digital Glass,” a version of which he’s donned since the 1980s.

Apparently accustomed to shifty stares and inappropriately-timed questions, Mr. Mann carries around paperwork from his doctor that outlines the device’s functionality, in order to quell any nervousness or dark fascination that might arise while traveling. Of course, stuffing your face with french fries at a fast food doesn’t usually require furnishing medical paperwork.

The eyeglass system Mr. Mann was wearing is permanently attached and can’t be removed without special tools. It includes a literal retina display that turns your eye into a camera. As such, the eye that uses the display has the appearance of  a digital glass eye, and also has the added benefit of making Mr. Mann look like a badass member of the Borg. Read More


Booting Up: Independence Edition

(Photo: Game Informer)

The Oatmeal is finally free of Charles Carreon’s bizarre legal machinations. Mr. Carreon decided to drop his case against Matthew Inman, who apparently was represented by the EFF. Everything about this was weird. [EFF]

Porn producers are all about Project Glass. We’re sure you can guess why. [PC Mag]

Apple is reportedly planning to debut a smaller, cheaper iPad–terrible news for the Nexus 7. [Bloomberg]

Kim Dotcom has a grudge against vice president Joe Biden. [TorrentFreak]

Airport security apparently stole the Nexus Q used at Google I/O. [Dan Ellis]