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Tumblr’s David Karp Apparently Doesn’t Consider Profitability a Particularly Important Metric

Man with the plan? (Photo: Twitter/SuccessMag)

When you’re as stylish as Tumblr CEO David Karp, who needs to sweat the small stuff? Case in point: his company’s profitability. During an interview at a conference hosted by paidContent, he informed the audience that Tumblr isn’t making money—but it’s “not a metric that is particularly important to us.”

But don’t panic, investors: Mr. Karp added that the company will “absolutely” become profitable, eventually. At some point. Read More

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Bubble Cops: SEC Looking Into Groupon’s Accounting Ahead of IPO

What's a few hundred million between friends?

One of the reasons a bubble formed in the tech sector back in the 1990s was that companies with very little history and flimsy financials were able to go public at hundred million dollar valuations. While the market for tech IPOs seems to be gathering steam, one encouraging sign is that the SEC is taking a hard look at some of the questionable accounting of Groupon, which has drawn a lot of criticism for its fishy S-1 filing and rush to spend capital paying back early investors and employees.

Groupon had an operating loss of $420 million last year. But the daily deal giant asked that stock pickers use a strange metric to gauge the company’s profitability: adjusted consolidated operating incomes, or adjusted CSOI. As Reuters Breaking Views column pointed out, “Strip out marketing expenses, acquisition-related costs, stock compensation, interest expense and payments to the tax man and, presto, the Chicago startup led by Andrew Mason earned $60.6 million. If investors accepted this fantastical form of accounting, all sorts of companies would be worth billions more too.” Read More