Booting Up: Presidential Debate Post Mortem Edition

Debate club. (Photo:

There were 10.3 million tweets sent last night regarding the presidential debates–a new record for the site. [TNW]

However, between all the newly created Big Bird accounts and red tie/blue tie observations, it’s possible that Twitter went a little nuts over the presidential debates. Just a little nuts. [Politico]

Perhaps the most painful moment, though? When Mitt Romney basically classed beloved electric auto company Tesla as a “loser.” :( [Wired]

At least one analyst thinks ecommerce is going to have a great Christmas–because everyone has decided the economy is bad and that makes them scared of what other shoppers will do IRL. [CNET]

This morning Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to announce the company has reached a billion monthly active users. Glad someone’s having a good day. [Facebook]

Looks like the team from review site Fondu got acqui-hired by Airbnb. [Fondu’s Tumblr]


No Cable, No Problem: Where to Watch the Presidential Debates For Free

(Photo: The Atlantic)

If you’re into bloodsports, there’s another way to watch Obama v. Romney tonight. Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed startup that lets you live-stream network TV, just offered New Yorkers two hours of free viewing tonight from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m–and free viewing for both subsequent presidential debates.¬†Users don’t have to input their credit card information, but they do have to own a Mac since the service still only works through Safari browsers.

For those of you outside Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field, there are a number of other options. Read More


Booting Up: Piracy Machines Edition

More famous than you, because FML. (Photo: Reddit)

Microsoft is grooming high school kids in Seattle to become programmers. The bad news is that once they have those comp sci skills, the kids will probably want to work at Google. [New York Times]

Good news for everyone without TV: YouTube will stream the presidential debates for the first time. [Fast Company]

A fascinating look into the future of 3D printing, and how manufacturers will seek to slow the growth of 3D printers and brand them “piracy machines.”¬†[The Economist]

Asshole thinks her DUI is LOL-worthy; judge demands she delete her Facebook for being an asshole. [TechDirt]

Some guy dressed up like a crazy mindreader, only to reveal that he found everything out about his subjects via the Internet. [SingularityHub]