Was Posterous a ‘Consolation Prize’ When Twitter Really Wanted to Buy Tumblr?

First Prize?

When the news broke this Monday that Twitter was acquiring Posterous, the reaction among the tech blogs was a rather muffled meh. Posterous, the microblogging platform that was pitted again Tumblr as soon as it game out of the gate, simply never got much traction. The platform’s founder, Garry Tan moved on to a more promising role as designer-in-residence and now venture partner at Y Combinator.

But what if Twitter had purchased Tumblr instead?

According to Gawker’s Ryan Tate, that’s exactly what Twitter was hoping for. His characterization of a partnership between two companies that hemorrhage cash? “The millenium’s worst merger,” beating out Time Warner-AOL’s “worst deal of the century.” As Mr. Tate writes: Read More

Exit This Way

Twitter Acquires Posterous, Tumblr’s Valley-Based Competitor

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Twitter announced today that it has acquired Posterous, the B-List blogging platform and temporary homepage¬†for DJ sensation Paul Phusion. Once heralded as one of the “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies,” Posterous failed to successfully differentiate itself from its much more popular (and NYC-based!) competitor, Tumblr. says that Posterous gets just under 1.2 million unique visitors a month, compared to Tumblr’s 18+ million. Read More