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John McAfee’s Chances of Appearing on House Hunters Ruined By Stalking Complaint from Landlord

Mr. McAfee (Photo: File)

John McAfee is having a no good, very bad week. The anti-virus software creator has been slapped with a civil stalking complaint and has reportedly been evicted from his Portland, Ore. apartment. 

The complaint comes from Connor Hyde, the former property manager of Mr. McAfee’s apartment complex. According to filings, the international man of mystery had access to weapons, an armed bikers club and sent threatening emails to Mr. Hyde because he was mad about HOA fees that the managers were allegedly letting people in to party in empty condos.  Read More

New Money

One Man’s Brilliant Plan to Keep Tech from Further Ruining San Francisco: Move to Portland

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San Francisco’s BART strike and the subsequent gripes from entitled tech types is just this week’s example of Everything That’s Wrong With Tech.

Most techies, it seems, are perfectly content to ignore the changes wrought by a ballooning industry. Tech has driven up the cost of living to insanely high levels. Oakland and San Francisco, for example, saw the highest increases in rent in the country between 2011 and 2012; the average salary for people in tech jobs is three times the median US income; there are entire cottage industries catering to the needs of uber-successful techies permanently shifting the sociocultural landscape of  San Francisco. Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Newest Portlandia Cast Member

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Crazy ol’ John McAfee is still on the lam from police in Belize, but has managed to escape to the U.S.–a lucky turn of fate since he believes Hezbollah is after him. Now in an interview with a local news station, Mr. McAfee revealed that he’s happily settled in Portland, where he plans to stay for awhile, perhaps in an effort to keep the dream of the ’90s alive. Read More

Waiting for Beta

BankSimple Sending Out ‘A Few Dozen Invites at a Time’

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Betabeat just received a note from the personal finance startup formerly known as BankSimple. The first signup was in February 2010, the company says, and it’s first come, first serve. That means people who signed up recently will have to wait until summer to get their invites. “We have begun sending out invites, currently a few dozen at a time, and then we will escalate from there,” Simple says. “If that seems a bit slow, it is deliberate. To get ready for a wider release, we are beginning with the core features of spending and depositing, and looking to our first customers for feedback before releasing the full product.” Read More

Feelings of Abandonment

Brooklyn Not Friendly and Passionate Enough for BankSimple, Start-Up Moves to Portland

An early collage of the BankSimple team, looking very Brooklyn. Or very Portland.

An early collage of the BankSimple team, looking very Brooklyn. Or very Portland.

BankSimple, the Brooklyn-based personal finance start-up that was supposed to have launched already, surprised us with the announcement today that it’s moving its headquarters to Portland, OR, a city which this reporter knows a smidgeon about, having lived and worked as a business reporter there. In addition to some mobile app development shops, this makes BankSimple, funded to the tune of $13 million and boasting early Twitter employee Alex Payne as a co-founder, easily one of the most high-profile start-ups based in Rip City. Read More