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‘All You Need Is Hand’: Pornhub Hires Creative Director to Soil Beatles’ Greatest Hits

The campaign poster that won Nuri Gulver his new job. (Image via Pornhub)

After months of deliberation by one of the world’s largest porn sites and its community, Pornhub has finally chosen a Creative Director to help the site break into the mainstream.

Pornhub held a contest over the past few months to find a new Creative Director, in which candidates submitted “Safe For Work” advertisements for Pornhub. A dozen of the contest’s best were chosen as finalists from thousands of submissions. Among the top-ranking campaign ideas were “Everyone’s got a ritual. Discover yours,” and “America’s Largest Do-It-Yourself Website.” From those, Nuri Gulver’s “All You Need Is Hand” campaign won Best in Show. Read More

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If You’re Starting a Porn Site, Don’t Name It Tube8 or Else You’ll Get Sued

Sure. (Photo: Quickmeme)

Manwin, the owner of your incognito browser’s favorite porn websites, is filing a suit against 24 websites for allegedly piggybacking off the Tube8 brand. Shifty competitors are tricking porn peruses into believing they’re on, which is one of the world’s most popular porn sites, by using variations of the words “tube” and “8″ in the domain. Read More

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OMG, Don’t Stop: People of ‘Very Religious’ U.S. Cities Love Porn

Phallic Huntsville. (Photo: Flickr)

Who knew? Some of America’s most-religious cities love thumping their own Bibles while watching porn. Naughty emporium PornHub combined a Gallup study of “very religious” towns with traffic coming from those areas. The data was pulled from five months of hard research.

Huntsville, AL, which has the nickname of Rocket City so let’s all laugh, has 23.8 views per capita despite the fact that more than half of its residents identify it as “very religious.” Cities in other Southern states rounded out the top five, including Montgomery, AL, Little Rock, Baton Rouge, and Augusta, GA. Read More


CBS Rejects Pornhub’s Totally Harmless SFW Super Bowl Ad

(Photo: Pornhub)

When it comes to advertising, it’s hard out there for a porn company–not that one of the Internet’s biggest porn websites really needs to advertise itself. As all those pearl-clutchy “Vine’s Porn Problem” posts will tell you, porn is everywhere on the Internet, and most of those NSFW videos can be viewed on PornHub, a popular adult video streaming site.

Now, BuzzFeed reports that PornHub has created a totally SFW Super Bowl ad, only to have it harshly rejected by the bigwigs at CBS. (We’ve reached out to CBS in order to independently verify that it rejected the ad.) Read More