Conspiracy Theories

Pope’s Resignation Means ‘Gangnam Style’ Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled, Says Totally Sane YouTuber

(Screencap: YouTube)

You may have heard that Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation amid concerns about his health. The last Pope to resign was Gregory XII, who did so in 1415, so web users prone to a good conspiracy theory are looking for a reason Benedict XVI would do such a thing. There’s no sex scandal or money laundering cover up. In fact, it turns out the reason is simple: The Pope’s resignation is a fulfillment of the “Gangnam Style” prophecy. Read More

Social Media

What’s Good for the Pope is Good for the Ayatollah: Khameini Joins Facebook


So what if Iran doesn’t “like” Facebook—if government Internet filters block the social media site, if a state-run news channel once claimed that Mark Zuckerberg offered a cash prize to Israelis that kill Palestinians?

When you’re Supreme Leader, those kinds of national prejudices don’t apply: Ayatollah Ali Khameini created a Facebook profile on Friday, Read More