Netflix to Congress: Can We Get a Little Help With These Data Caps?

Photo: Mr. Hyman.

This should really liven up the debate over data caps: Netflix wants Congress to step in. Man, cable companies are just going to love this.

Bloomberg reports that, in a hearing today, Netflix general counsel David Hyman told the House subcommittee on communications and technology that, “When you couple limited broadband competition with a strong desire to protect a legacy Read More


Obama Donors Turn Out for Star Tech Staffers

Backstage with Obama

With the GOP nominee (mostly) squared away, the general election is just getting warmed up. That, of course, means that it’s now fundraising time–and the Obama administration is deploying a rather novel strategy to attract donors. The Atlantic reports that, at an event tonight in Brooklyn, the star attraction will be neither a movie star nor a rock and roller, but rather two of the campaign’s technology staffers. Geek chic, Washington-style. Read More