Do You Hate Having $100,000? We’ve Got the Perfect Pokemon Card For You

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If you have a spare $100,000 lying around and are all out of matches with which to light it on fire, don’t worry. There’s an even easier way to dispose of those annoying hundred g’s and it’s called buying a stupid Pokemon card.

Pokemon is apparently still relevant to some sad souls out there, insists, along with other card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering, so now is the perfect time to buy the Pikachu Illustrator card, of which there are only six in rotation. Read More

Internet Democracy

White House Removes Petition for State Pokemon Because Seriously, This Is Getting Old


This morning a petition on the White House’s official petition portal, We the People, began circulating across the web that asked the government to consider assigning each state a Pokemon character to represent it. It received under 1,000 signatures, but delighted swaths of “’90s ubernerds” nostalgic for a time when trading Pokemon cards on the playground was the most emotionally-fraught adventure of the day.

But a few hours after news of the petition broke, the White House yanked┬áit from We the People, claiming that it violated the site’s Terms of Participation. We have to assume recognizing a state Pokemon is not exactly high up on the administration’s lengthy list of priorities. Read More

This Happened

U.S. Army Now Just Stealing Weapon Ideas from Pokemon

(Photo: Charizard Lair)

Way back in 1997, during the heyday of the Japanese cartoon Pokemon–when school lunch breaks were for Pogs and trading character cards–a slew of Japanese people were hit with epilepsy-like symptoms while watching the beloved show. During the episode “Computer Warrior Purigon,” more than 700 people experienced convulsions and vomiting, and they weren’t due to cute overload induced by Pikachu. Read More


Booting Up: Did New York Tech Just Get a Billion Dollar Exit?

Artist's rendering of the office right now. (Photo:

Somebody’s ready to make it rain in Stamford: has been acquired by the Japanese company Recruit Co. Ltd., for a price reportedly in the $750 million to $1 billion range. [Business Insider]

The California bill allowing driverless cars on the road has now been signed. [New York Times]

Total Google Play downloads thus far: 25 billion. In celebration, all kinds of goodies are available for download at 25 cents a pop. [The Verge]

Apparently the CEO of Intel doesn’t think Windows 8 is fully baked. [Bloomberg]

Even literal rocket scientists can’t keep their passwords safe. [Ars Technica]