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Snapchat CEO on Meeting Mark Zuckerberg: Meh

Mr. Spiegel, probably complaining about something. (Getty)

If you were wondering whether Snapchat CEO and noted non-apologizer Evan Spiegel was a particularly humble guy, the answer is no, he is probably not.

Today, through a somewhat confusing interaction between Mr. Spiegel and Business Insider reporter Alyson Shontell, we learned that Mr. Spiegel maybe kind of snubbed an invitation from Mark Zuckerberg to come meet him at Facebook’s San Francisco headquarters in 2012. Mr. Zuckerberg reportedly wanted to speak with Mr. Spiegel prior to the launch of Facebook’s Snapchat wannabe app, Poke.  Read More


Booting Up: Facebook Considered a $1 Billion Offer for Snapchat, But Instead We Got Poke

Testing, testing. (Photo: Getty)

On Saturday, the NYSE tested its systems’ ability to handle the demand from Twitter’s IPO to avoid the problems Facebook faced over at Nasdaq. [Reuters]

Yahoo is still figuring out how to position Tumblr as an advertising profit center, but all the porn isn’t helping. “It’s not high on our list,” said an agency exec. [AdWeek]

Netflix’s CEO said they might release “big movies ourselves” because they hate the theater experience as much as you do. [Hollywood Reporter]

Supposedly Facebook wanted to purchase Snapchat for $1 billion, which Evan Spiegel rebuffed. [WSJ]

Gather round and hear the tale of Feargal O’Rourke. Dubbed a “local hero,” he’s the architect of making Ireland a tax avoidance heaven for large tech companies, like Twitter. [Bloomberg]


Booting Up: More Snapchat Scandals Edition

(Photo: Digital Trends)

Online privacy pundits might not want to venture over to China any time soon; the country just passed a law requiring citizens to identify themselves when signing up for internet and mobile access. [Bloomberg]

Another Snapchat scandal! Turns out both Snapchat and Facebook’s new Poke app store your videos sent over the services locally, meaning it’s possible to save videos sent to you without the sender ever knowing. [BuzzFeed]

It appears those ads at the top of Wikipedia are paying off: the Wikimedia Foundation has raised $25 million so far in its 2012 fundraiser. [The Next Web]

Someone wants to make a stage show in Las Vegas based on Portal. [The Daily Dot]

John McAfee is at it again. [Wired]

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

The Empire Pokes Back: Facebook Turns Forgotten Feature into Snapchat Ripoff


Early Facebook users will no doubt remember the era when the humble poke seemed like the raciest, most exciting feature in the world. College sophomores would poke their friends until they reached the poke limit, then trumpet their poking prowess on their friends’ walls.

Well, it seems the company hopes to revive the heady days of 2004, with the launch of the iPhone app Poke, which “makes it fun and easy to say hello to friends wherever you are.”  Read More