Groupon Fatigue

Look, Groupon Is Totally a Serious Company Now, Okay?

Just not the best fit, probably.

We haven’t heard too much from Groupon CEO Andrew Mason lately. (One gets the impression he felt the need to lie low for a little while.) But it seems he’s decided to reemerge into the public eye with a¬†Businessweek¬†profile wherein he puts on his absolute most serious, most adult, most professional game face.

Well, considering the company’s plunging stock price, it’s probably about time for a charm offensive.

For one thing, the man dressed up: Read More

David vs. Googliath

Square Beware, PayPal Goes Offline


eBay must have really dug Jack Dorsey’s vision for a frictionless point-of-sale system because CEO John Donahoe just announced that its PayPal unit is trying to do the same thing. Back in May, Mr. Dorsey, announced that Square, his mobile payments company, would be releasing Card Case, an app that attempted to reinvent the point-of-sale experience the same way Square reinvented mobile payments.

Card Cases stores your credit card info so that after swiping once with participating merchants, you can start a “tab” and pay with just a tap of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. On the merchant side, businesses can use Square Register to spit out digital receipts, check daily transactions, and basically automate the checkout experience. On its quarterly earnings call, Mr. Donahoe said PayPal plans on targeting those same offline point-of-sale transactions. Read More