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Google Is a Supervillan: It’d Be Funnier if It Weren’t True

Superhero or supervillain? (Wikimedia Commons)

We imagine, for a second, that we are writing a movie script.This script features an international technology company run by a pair of charismatic billionaires. It’s omnipresent and yet difficult to define, with deep pockets and huge, high-profile projects that seem to bear only a passing resemblance to actual revenue streams. Most of these projects involve eerily sophisticated methods of finding out as much as possible about everyone on Earth. In recent months, this company has made headlines buying drones, home monitoring software, artificial intelligence, and a firm that makes military robots. Read More

Planet Google

Googles Goes On the Offensive In Washington: $5 M. in Lobbying and a Republican Lead

Ms. Molinari (

Adopting the mantra “don’t be evil” has a way of inviting extra scrutiny, and and in recent months Google has faced questions about its Street View practices, privacy policy revamp, and even its CAPTCHAs. But the New York Times reports that rather than sit quietly, the company has launched a lobbying offensive, shelling out $5.03 million in the last three months alone. Then there’s the fact Google has a former GOP Congresswoman Susan Molinari commanding its troops in D.C.

If that seems like quite a lot of money, that’s because it is. It’s 240 percent more than the company spent over the same period last year. The number looks even bigger when you line it up next to what other tech companies spent: It’s more than Apple ($500,000) or Microsoft ($1.79 million) or even Verizon Wireless ($4.51 million). Read More


Google Fires Back at Facebook with Eastwood-Esque ‘Make My Day’ Punking


So, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have been taking their show on the road with a lil’ press tour, in which they’re basically acting like Suge Knight and Tupac circa ’95 at the Source Awards, beefing with Google at every available chance (while pretending that this isn’t a war). WHO SHOT YA, GOOGLE? Mark Zuckerberg, that’s who. And so, of course, the Bad Boy Records-esque Google has volleyed back. Read More