Guy Attaches Helium Balloons to House, Soars Into Sky Like Up Character

(Photo: Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft, DailyMail)

The whimsical scene from the 2009 movie Up has been burned into the imaginations of Pixar fans everywhere: an elderly man attaches hundreds of balloons to his house and takes to the sky, soaring above the city. Most people figured it to be an impossible feat, but not 38-year-old Jonathan Trappe. A balloon enthusiast, dude actually boarded a house with 365 helium balloons attached to it and ascended into the sky at the Leon International Balloon Festival in Mexico. Read More

Pixar Perfect

Pixar-Crazed Programmer Builds His Own Wall-E

Mr. Senna, right, with his Wall-E. (Photo: Sennaswalle)

Mike Senna, the man responsible for creating a life-size R2D2, has again pored himself into the construction of a beloved movie character. And this one’s bound to tickle Pixar geeks: he made a working Wall-E!

A programmer by day and a hobbyist by night, the Orange County-based Mr. Senna spent two years painstakingly combing through Wall-E in order to build a life-size, functioning replica of the film’s titular character. Read More