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App Genius Develops Pixable for Android in Freakishly Short Time

Mr. Viota, Android app genie.

Designing apps is a bit like pleasing two siblings: either you create the iPhone version first and risk pissing off Android users, or vice versa.

Fortunately for Pixable, that is no longer the case. The previously iPhone-only company announced at noon today that their photo-sorting app will be available in Android form, too.

Inaki Berenguer, co-founder of the four-year-old social media company, said that creating an Android app was always on his agenda, but that the company had just never gotten around to it. “The reality is that it was in the road map but we didn’t feel any urgency to build it right now,” Mr. Berenguer told Betabeat.

So, when Juan Carlos Viota, a 33-year-old award-winning Android app developer (in 2009 he won the Global Android Developer Challenger for his Sweet Dreams app), contacted Mr. Berenguer about designing an Android version of Pixable, it was luck, indeed. Read More

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Startup News: Grokking Facebook Timeline for Fun and Profit

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BLAST FROM THE PAST. Now, thanks to BuzzFeed, you can show all your friends how vintage chic your technology was—before it was cool. Prompted by the fairly recent Facebook timeline, BuzzFeed has introduced a Facebook app that lets users retroactively post images to their timeline. Checkout the “What Was Your First Computer?” question and reminisce about the nineteen eighties like it’s the 2020’s. The launch of this new app is probably just the beginning of a trend we’ll see as Facebook prepares to unveil its new timeline backdating ability.

CLICK CLICK FLASH. Pixable, the photo sharing complement for social networks is rolling out a couple big features. First, is a hashtag feature that allows users to tag their photos or their friends’ photos for an easier experience when recalling and organizing snapshots. #drunkenregrets?

At the same time Pixable is being integrated into the Facebook timeline technology. Users will be able to share their photo viewing and tagging activity in the Facebook ticker just like when listening to tunes on Spotify.

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Startup Threads Wants To Be Your Friend

Making threads. For your startup.

WEAVE. Startup Threads, a merchandising site for startups from local newletter mogul and startup founder Frank Denbow, just launched a new monthly program where consumers can subscribe to receive new startup gear each month. The company will partner with a different startup each month to create interesting merchandise. Right now that lucky startup is Hipmunk, the company behind the new flight finding tool. Startup Threads hopes to become a “marketing channel for startups.”

ALL ABOARD. StartupBus is now accepting applications for the hackathon-on-a-bus competition in March and this year New York will be represented. To get invited you’ve got to shine like the brightest star in the sky… or look on social media to see if people are offering invites. StartupBus said they are expecting way more applications than they can handle. You’ve been warned. Read More

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Photo Sharing Overload Powering Pixable’s Growth


The marriage of great cameras and instant uploads made possible by the modern smartphone has led to an explosion in photo sharing. Between services like Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook, the average person is presented with three to four thousand pictures each week, says Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer. “Not many people have time for all Read More