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These Two Are Seriously Trying to Get College Bros to Pay For Porn

Mr. Glass and Ms. drake, crime fighting duo. (Photo used with permission from Mr. Glass and Ms. drake's PR)

Nate Glass and jessica drake aren’t your average guest lecturers at college. Together, they’re visiting college campuses in different parts of the country, spreading the word about the harmful effects of pirating porn, beyond just a sore right arm. That’s right — they’re trying to get broke college kids to start paying for porn.

What’s in it for them? Mr. Glass is the creator of Takedown Piracy, an organization that combats the illegal piracy of porn. Ms. drake — who prefers that her name remain in lower case — is a porn performer, and has written and directed porn and sex-ed videos. She’s experienced countless instances of piracy firsthand. Read More


The RIAA Performs Victory Dance on Megaupload’s Dead Corpse

megaupload rip

Megaupload/Megavideo was shut down by the Federal Government last week! It was sad. Also—coincidentally, or not—right around the time SOPA and PIPA, the anti-piracy legislation meant to prevent sites like Megaupload from ever doing business, died their own lame legislative deaths.

A week later, the Recording Industry Association of America has issued a press release basically dancing over the grave of the cloud-upload site. Read More