Here’s an Idea: Let’s Turn Pinterest Into a Massive Graphic Novel

Yup, sounds like a teenager to us. (Photo: Screencap)

We tend to think of Pinterest as being pretty straightforward: See pretty picture/thing we want, pin it, repeat ad infinitum. Hence the free-and-clear path to monetization.

But the Daily Dot reports that a particularly aggressive “transmedia” publisher, BeActive, wants to use the platform as a storytelling medium. The company is taking Beat Girl, a novel, and turning it into: Read More


The 100 Worst Pins On Pinterest

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guts chair

It’s the ludicrously hot startup of the moment, with a hockey-stick adoption curve and a whole mess of clones. It’s where you go to spend hours staring longingly at shoes you can’t afford and dishes you’re too lazy to cook. It’s also the place where you discover that your Great Aunt Mildred has magnificently luxe taste in bathroom fixtures and your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is shopping for appallingly expensive wedding gowns.

Pinterest has a reputation for the aspirational and the inspirational, and that interface sure is pretty. But stratospheric social network membership comes with a price, and that’s the inexorable drift to the lowest common denominator. And so we’ve seen the rise of sites like Pinterest You Are Drunk, documenting grave lapses in pin-related judgement. Read More


Pinterest Adds Vimeo, Likely Attracts More Eyeballs


Who's Pinterested?

What could possibly entice users of the famously sticky Pinterest to spend longer on the site? How about the addition of Vimeo pinning? Yup, that sounds about right. According to the company blog, the new functionality works just like YouTube pinning (available since last August) and, as an example, they’ve pinned that slightly heartbreaking short about the kid who built himself an arcade out of cardboard.

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