And Then He Pinned Me

Cops Now Pinning Mugshots to Pinterest Because the Police Can Be Aspirational Too

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Few social networks are as adroit at triggering man’s aspirational impulse as Pinterest. Of course, different people covet different things. In the case of police departments in fourteen cities–including Pottstown, Penn., Kansas City, Mo. and now Philadelphia–Buzzfeed reports that cops are using Pinterest to advertise what want to catch: criminals. Read More

Faux Outrage

Reports That Instagram Lost 25 Percent of Active Users Are Greatly Exaggerated

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“Rage Against Rules,” declares a bolded headline in The New York Post today, which collected stats from App Data to paint a portrait of a flailing Instagram. The Post claims that following the terms of service debacle, which supposedly had both normals and celebrities fleeing the app, Instagram’s total active users has plunged 25 percent.

The app reportedly peaked at 16.4 million daily active users the week of Dec. 17, but has decreased to 12.4 million as of Dec. 27. Read More

DIY Don'ts

50 Pinterest DIY Projects You Are Definitely Not Doing This Christmas

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Only someone on a five-day meth binge can muster this level of attention to detail.

The holidays are upon us! Time to trim the tree and drink some cocoa. For crafty types, though, this is basically the Olympics. This is the main event, the reason they’ve trained so hard for so long. Pinterest is therefore flooded with impossibly intricate, over-the-top DIY projects.

But other than a few twee over-achievers, no one is actually going to try these. You will be too busy drinking eggnog until you fall over and combing Kmart for last-minute gifts. Read More

Start Me Up

Seeking Pinterest Power Users? With HelloInsights, Science Inc. Wants to Help

Behold, the leaderboard!

Marketers know that Pinterest can drive a flood of acquisition-minded traffic. But hammering out a specific strategy is a different matter entirely, and the social network is only just emerging from the earliest, have-the-intern-run-it stages of social media popularity.

“The most followed people don’t necessarily equate to the most effective people,” HelloInsights CEO Kyla Brennan told Betabeat. Her company hopes to help, with its newly launched analytics platform. Read More

Goooood Morning Silicon Alley!

Best Tech Events This Week (Women 2.0, Angelhack, Uncubed, NY Tech Meetup, Funding Global Innovation, Feedback Forum, NJ Tech Meetup)


This is a guest post from Gary Sharma (aka “The Guy with the Red Tie”), founder and CEO of GarysGuide and proud owner of a whole bunch of black suits, white shirts and, at last count, over 40 red ties. You can reach him at gary [at]

Mayor Bloomberg and the NYCEDC recently launched a prototyping competition, where six lucky winning teams will get an opportunity to prototype new products while receiving studio space from sponsor NYDesigns and mentorship from industry leaders Shapeways, Adafruit Industries, and Honeybee Robotics. Alison Hodgson and Miquela Craytor from the NYCEDC will be at the Hardware Startup Meetup today to explain the competition and take any questions. Read More

ECommerce Rules Everything Around Me

Ex-Bessemer Analyst Targets Pinteresters With a More Shoppable Proposition

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There must be some pins in the water over at Bessemer Venture Partners. Back in May, Sarah Tavel, the former Bessemer VP who led the firm’s prescient early investment in Pinterest, left to head up “business” at the social network for “regular people” connoisseurs of pretty, special things.

Now, founder and CEO Michael Segal, a former Bessemer analyst, also finds himself going after the exact same target market that Pinterest helped define. Yesterday, he launched Curio Road, a New York-based “curated discovery site” (i.e. online shop of rotating collections of jewelry, accesories, home decor, and gifts) heavily influenced by his ecommerce training at Bessemer, he told Betabeat.

“We are saying to the Pinterest user–hey, here is an end-to-end shopping experience where you can channel your love for unique, creative stuff,” Mr. Segal explained. Read More


Booting Up: Facebook Lets You Express Something Besides ‘Like’

Let's all go back to bed, actually. (Photo: screencap)

As long as it’s a feeling of materialistic lust, that is. On the heels of enabling users to send and receive IRL gifts, Facebook has moved even deeper into e-commerce territory. The social network is working with brands, including Pottery Barn and, to create something called “collections,” photos sets that’ll come with the options to “want,” “collect,” and “like,” as well as–but of course!–a link to buy. [Mashable]

The U.K. apparently takes terrible Facebook postings very, very seriously. A West Yorkshire man has been fined and ordered to complete 240 hours of community service after posting a status that said “All soldiers should die and go to hell” after six British soliders were killed. [BBC]

Several big tech companies, including Facebook, Google and Apple, have joined forces with the Internet standards organization WC3 to create, a kind of authoritative wiki for open web development. [TheNextWeb]

There’s now an iPad app to teach your kids proper email habits. Because let’s face it, it’s never too soon to start learning manners. [Fast Company]

Backblaze’s habit of buying up every hard drive in Costco during a hard drive shortage got them banned from the store. [GigaOm]

This Happened

Famous Quotes Botched by Girls You Hated in High School Now Account for 10% of Pinterest Traffic

Inspirational. (Photo: Pinterest)

Even if you’re not a Pinterest power user, only navigating to the site occasionally on Sunday nights when you feel like you’ve read the entire Internet, you’ve undoubtedly noticed. Pictures of gaudy, elaborate nail art, 18th century European castles and Olivia Palermo (Pinterest’s official spirit animal) are interspersed with inspirational quotes Photoshopped by tween designos. Quotes once uttered by intelligent and creative people like Albert Einstein and William Shakespeare are being adopted by the People of Braided Updos and Asparagus Dip, stay-at-home bloggers and young married girls bred in red states.

This is what the New York Times is calling “The Gospel According to Pinterest,” in reference to the way this fortune cookie wisdom spreads across the social network. Read More