Patent Absurdities

Pinterest and Path Attempt to Out-Douche Each Other Over the Letter ‘P’

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There are thousands of startups out there solving important, systemic problems that have been plaguing communities for years. Pinterest, a social network for sharing pictures of butts, and Path, a social network for sharing pictures of your butt with an elite circle of friends, are not two of them.

Now, Techcrunch reports that the platforms are dueling over the letter “P.” This is where tech is today, everyone. Soak it up. Read More

Space the Final Frontier

Pinterest-Obsessed Astronaut Makes American Flag Cookies in SPACE

!! (Pinterest)

Is your Pinterest flooded with crafts projects you’ll never complete because you’re not Brit Morin, vintage furniture you can’t afford and comically caloric cheese dip recipes? Well, get ready to feel wildly inadequate.

Meet astronaut Karen Nyberg. As GeekSugar points out, she’s currently working on the International Space Station and yet still just pinning away. Her bio: “Astronaut by day. Aspiring quilter, crafter, artist, runner by night. Wife and Mommy 24/7. Currently living & working on the International Space Station.” Read More


Pinterest Makes Itself Useful By Notifying Users When Pinned Items Go On Sale

A good Pinterest board.

Pinterest has long been the domain of overgrown sorority girls, bored Southern belles, and Your Annoying Cousin. It’s tough not to hate on the site’s miles and miles of cutesy recipes, DIY projects and saccharine quotes displayed against generic sunset backgrounds.

But with its new savings alerts feature, we just might have to quit playing the Negative Nancy and sign up for an account. Read More

U Francey Huh

Pinterest Adds French Site in Order to Become More Insufferable

(Photo: Pinterest)

Pinterest is taking its well-lit show on the road, expanding eastward to the land of cigarettes, simple carbs and wafting B.O. — France.

The site, which is pretty much Tumblr for basic bitches, can already be accessed in French and a few other languages. The official new froggy version will simply provide more French site links and localized content, according to TechCrunch. That likely means an endless stream of pinned Gauloises, animal liver and American Top 40 hits from the mid-2000s. Read More

Go Home Science You're Drunk

This Paula Deen Salad Holds the Key to Pinterest Popularity


Pinterest is known as the magical place where sorority girls and your friend’s mom can amass their fave photos of recipes, wedding dresses and craft ideas on their very own online scrapbooks. With immense satisfaction, they then stare at those color-coordinated material items that just might help them to forget the harsh realities of cul-de-sac life.

But the site doesn’t just traffic in shabby chic porn for Tory Burch wannabes. Online retailers have found great success with its largely female, middle-class demographic. Enough repins on the perfect Pinterest image can translate into actual sales. Read More


Booting Up: Get Excited For More Nudes on Pinterest

Nudie. (Photo: Pinterest/TechCrunch)

Oh, GOOD: You’ll soon to be able to drive your Tesla from NY to LA using the company’s expanded “Supercharger” network by the end of this year. [Business Insider]

Now that the Waze-Facebook talks have fallen apart, rumors are swirling that Google might go in for the kill. [ZDNet]

Meet the relaunched, another website dedicated to this city. [Crain’s]

Pinterest is going to allow more tasteful nude pictures on the site following complaints by its users. [TechCrunch]

Apple quietly announced a new $229 16GB iPod Touch last night for people who still buy those things. [The Verge]

pinterest ruins lives

‘Pinterest Stress’ Is Ruining Your Mother’s Life

Part of the problem. (Photo: Pinterest)

So, there’s a very real illness that’s destroying the lives of mothers everywhere. It’s called “Pinterest stress,” and it reportedly affects 42 percent of mothers. A crippling condition that is yielding a lot of sad BBs in the world, “Pinterest stress” leads people to worry that their pins are not crafty or creative enough (also known as the Brit Industrial Complex?).

Touted as an exclusive survey by Today, a once-popular morning show that nursing homes use to override the bleak silence of near-death, the results show that nearly half of the 7,000 mothers they talked to claim they stay up until the wee hours of the morning clicking, repinning and saving pins in a mad attempt to recreate intricately crafted centerpieces from Michael’s. Read More


Booting Up: It’s Now Easier for Developers to Sell Themselves to the Highest Bidder


This week Pinterest introduced a web analytics platform, while Twitter stepped up its ad insights game with more details for marketers. Really looking forward to seeing even more wedding dress ads. [Ad Week]

Twitter has also reportedly acquired the music delivery service We Are Hunted and plans to build a standalone music app. Can we get some Vine soundtracks going, here? [CNET]

To face Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination claims, Kleiner Perkins has hired the same guy who represented Facebook against the Winklevoss twins. [Wall Street Journal]

Blame Google+ for the fact that you are losing your Google Reader, effective July 1. [The Next Web]

A startup called DeveloperAuction has raised $2.7 million to build a site where talent can literally auction themselves off to the highest bidder. sign up and if they’re picked as one of the site’s top 150 job seekers in a particular month, be deluged with interview offers from companies. That’ll do wonders for the Valley’s skyrocketing salaries, sure. [VentureBeat]

Chrome honcho Sundar Pichai is now going to lead Google’s Android team, as well. Former Android boss Andy Rubin is going to stay at Google and do something that maybe involves moonshots. [Google]


The Internet Wants to Make Me a Deranged Bridezilla


A newly betrothed Business Insider writer has a bone to pick with Facebook: Getting engaged ruined the social network for her. “Just like that, everything changed,” she reports. “Facebook knew I was betrothed. And it didn’t waste any time clogging up my news feed with ads” related to weddings, weddings and also weddings.

A few relatively-relevant ads are hardly going to make my Newsfeed any junkier than it already is. (Spotify! So-and-so shared a link! So-and-so likes Sprint!) As a newly-engaged woman, however, I’ve found the deluge of Facebook ads is only part of the story. The Internet and its advertisers, it seems, are all conspiring to make me a cuckoo-crazy-crackers bridezilla.

Here’s a brief guide to what happens once you make it official: Read More


Booting Up: Nevada Legalizes Online Gambling, Is New Jersey Next?

(Photo: NJ Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest were hacked this week, after a security breach at customer-service provider Zendesk allowed a hacker to access user email addresses at the three social media companies. [Wired]

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book marketing plans include “Lean in Circles,” in which women study Ms. Sandberg’s curriculum for career success. [NYT]

Twitter cofounder Ev Williams talks about when—and when not—to sell your company. [Medium]

Nevada became the first state to legalize online gambling. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may sign a law legalizing Internet gambling in his state as early as next week. [The Washington Post]

If you’re a “startup junky,” what are you really addicted to? [PandoDaily]