Booting Up: Used to Bombing, Michael Bay Fled Mid-Presentation at CES

Mr. Bay, fleeing the stage. (Photo: Twitter)

San Francisco is  going to tax Google’s employee shuttles based on the number of stops they make. But the search giant can likely afford it since they’ll only be charged $1 per stop. [WSJ]

Michael Bay did something he’s used to at CES yesterday: he bombed. The director got flustered during a presentation for Samsung and embarrassingly fled the stage. [AdWeek]

Pinterest has reportedly acquired VisualGraph, an image recognition search engine that’s staffed by just two people. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. [BuzzFeed]

For the first time in its ten year history, Mashable is taking on outside investors to the tune of $13.3 million from Updata Partners. [CNN]

Snapchat has hired its first lobbyist. [Recode]


Booting Up: Uber Isn’t Thrilled That Its Revenue Numbers Leaked

Airbnb's kitschy new kitchen. (Photo: Airbnb)

Uber is pissed at the person who leaked internal revenue figures to Valleywag, but didn’t deny that it makes millions. [AllThingsD]

Even creator Ev Williams is still figuring out what Medium should be. Hopefully the redesign helps? [Fast Company]

On Cyber Monday, Pinterest nearly tripled the revenue on retail sites that it sent traffic to. [TechCrunch]

Here’s what happens when you use bitcoins to purchase gifts on your Christmas list: you commission a portrait of your cat. [Time]

Airbnb’s new San Francisco headquarters have mini apartments influenced by major cities, like Bali and Paris. [PSFK]


Booting Up: Pinterest Begins Its Journey Into Monetization With ‘Place Pins’

Place Pins. (Photo: Pinterest/Skift)

Another number to add to your Snapchat statistic stew: 70 percent of the app’s users are women. The rest are dogs. [WSJ]

Pinterest is entering the travel sector with “Place Pins,” where users create boards and place…pins on to destinations. Sponsors will populate the slots with information and media about the area. [Skift]

Groupon’s new “Freebies” section sounds a lot easier than getting a Klout perk. [Chicago Tribune]

If Barry Diller still ran Fox, he would absolutely sue Aereo for scraping its signals. But since he financially backs the streaming startup and has successfully defeated any court cases against it, he says he’s “on the side of the Angels.” [TVSpy]

AOL’s Tim Armstrong and Gilt Founder Kevin Ryan are joining Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio’s transition team. [Politicker]

Early Holidays

Target, Pinterest Join in Unholy Holiday Union That Will Likely Cost Us Squillions of Dollars

Related: this Target meme that's amassed 180+ pins. (Screenshot: Pinterest)

Target is the store you can’t walk into without dropping $120 on tooooootally necessary housewares, clothes and snacks. And Pinterest is the website you can’t log onto without losing hours of your life in a sea of inspirational quotes and wedding paraphernalia.

So in an act only the most shrewd retail genius could concoct, the two highly addictive brands are joining to create the alpha and omega of holiday shopping. Read More


Dude Brings His Girlfriend’s Pinterest Wedding Fanfic to Life

This could be you one day, Pinterest fiends. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In a gesture that’s sure to please all of The Notebook‘s most type-A fans, a young man planned a surprise proposal and wedding for his girlfriend using nothing but her “My Dream Wedding” Pinterest board.

Amanda Roman’s exhaustive board includes such Pinterest staples as inspirational quotes, makeup tips and even sparkly guilt-inducing weight loss crafts. With more than 220 pins, the only thing she was missing was a fiancé :\ Read More

shameless rumormongering

Booting Up: Now That Breaking Bad Is Over, Get Excited to See Twitter’s IPO Filing This Week

#NoNewApps. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

It begins! Twitter is scheduled to make its IPO filing public this week. [Quartz]

If it nails it, Pinterest has a pretty lucrative future in advertising. Customers coming from the site spent roughly $180 on ecommerce sites — more than triple than Facebook users. [Wall Street Journal]

If the government shuts down, the Library of Congress and National Park Service websites would also shutter. [ArsTechnica]

Aol is returning to television with an ad campaign promoting its new, pre-bundled package website called Gathr. But you’ll only see them in Atlanta, Seattle and Minneapolis. [AllThingsD]

Apple is the most valuable brand in the land, finally knocking those jerks at Coca-Cola from the top slot. [New York Times]


With New Article Feature, Pinterest Learns How to Read

Super HOT Kitchens

Pinterest is branching out beyond its usual offerings of fitspo and “keep-calm-and” posters with a brand-new feature that implies that its users might be able to read more than five words at a time.

Users have been using the platform to pin more than five million articles per day, Fast Company reports, so the company has decided to create a designated article pin to make it easier for users to read things later.  Read More


Booting Up: Good Luck Getting Your Mitts on That Gold iPhone

*2001: A Space Odyssey music*

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, the founders of AllThingsD, are splitting with Dow Jones and in talks to raise investment at a $30 to $40 million valuation. They don’t get to keep the name, though. [Quartz]

As eyeballs go mobile, Pinterest is introducing a few “tasteful” “relevant” advertisements. [TechCrunch]

Hong Kong wants, loves, needs that gold iPhone 5S. [Digits]

Unfortunately, if you want one here in the U.S., you’ll likely have to wait until October, due to short supply. [The Verge]

“It threw off a hell of a lot of heat, much to my wife’s dismay.” Bitcoin mining gets the A-Hed treatment. [Wall Street Journal]

Maybe Google should check its own pulse before it tries to solve death. [Wired]