App for That

This Photo App Will Force You to Take Pics of Something Besides ‘Selfies, Coffee Cups and Sunsets’

OKDOTHIS gives you specific pieces of photography inspiration, like "Defy gravity!" (OKDOTHIS)

We know what you’re thinking — the last thing the app-o-sphere needs is yet another photo or video sharing app fruitlessly trying to compete with Instagram.

That’s what we thought, at first, of OKDOTHIS, a photo sharing app that launched today. But the app still intrigued us, because instead of just letting you share your lame, low-quality pics of eggs benedict, it aims to help you improve your creativity and photography skills. Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

NYC Apartment Listing Promises Rooftop Is ‘Perfect For Selfies’

Imagine all the smizing you could do up here! (Screengrab: StreetEasy)

Renting an apartment to today’s youths poses a unique challenge. It must be close to the subway. It must be bright, and not located in a basement dungeon. Most importantly, it must be great for taking selfies.

At least, that was the thought process behind a recent listing on StreetEasy for an East Village apartment at 269 10th St. After describing the “5 to 10 minute walk from 6 & L trains, Union Square, NYU” and the “Modern kitchen, queen-sized bedroom with large closet & skylight,” the listing says: Read More

rules of the internet

Getty Liberates Millions of Images Because You Guys Are Gonna Keep Stealing Them Anyway

We used our subscription to get this one — we couldn't get our text to wrap around the embedded image. (Getty)

In high school, our health teachers always said stuff like, “We know we can’t stop you from drinking, so here’s how to do it safely and not die.” 

Getty Images has just implemented a similar strategy, in a way; they knew people were going to find ways to use their images without paying, so they’ve just made it possible for anyone to use a bunch of their images for free — and without committing copyright infringement. Read More

Use Cases

Chicago Morgue Now Publishing Photos of the Unidentified Dead Online


We’ve heard cops are pinning mugshots and sifting through social media for gang members. But this report from Chicago’s Fox 32 News might be the eeriest Internet use case yet: The local medical examiner is now publishing pictures of the faces and identifying markers of the unidentified dead. The goal is to put names to remains.

If that makes you a little uncomfortable, well, don’t expect the medical examiner to back down in the face of your squeamishness. As far as they’re concerned, the noble ends justify the gruesome means. Fox 32 reportsRead More

Going Viral

Rick Perry’s Office Says Viral Photo of Him Playing Guitar Hero Is Real (But From 3 Years Ago)

(Photo: Tumblr)

A photo was posted to Tumblr today showing former Presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry shredding some sweet tunes on a Guitar Hero game guitar. “My friend lives next door to Rick Perry and invited him over for a Guitar Hero battle,” read the post. Betabeat was skeptical. Governor Perry’s hand looked like it was at a weird angle, and his face appeared to be a different shade than his neck. Read More