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Heroin-Glorifying Instagrams Force Us to Retract All Previous Complaints About Brunch Photos


Ugh—this is so bad, it makes us want to take back all the disapproving things we’ve ever said about brunch on Instagram. We’d happily take another 149 pics of Hollondaise sauce than this Instagram discovery via Motherboard, wherein heroin addicts and other users share photos of their drug habits under tags like #nodsquad, #shootingup and #junkiesofig.

Really puts our irritation with filter-y snaps of eggs Benedict in perspective. Read More


Here’s an App For Sharing Gruesome Images of Your Festering Wounds

Ew. (Photo: Figure1)

Do you enjoy trawling Web M.D. for gross-out fodder? If so boy, have we got the app for you.

Meet Figure1, a “crowdsourced medical image library for healthcare professionals.” That means docs can use it to document interesting cases (identifying features blocked out, unless they want to get mega-busted) or to investigate what a condition might look like.

Because there’s nothing more reassuring than your alarmingly young GP turning to his iPhone to figure out what the hell’s wrong with you. Read More


With Instagram’s New Profile Pages, We Bid Adieu to Webstagram

(Screencap: Webstagram)

Today, Instagram announced a new feature called profile pages, a web-friendly way to browse the photo-sharing app. With this news, one of Betabeat’s favorite websites is close to being rendered obsolete: Webstagram, the backdoor way to view Instagram profiles on the web.

Alas, poor Webstagram–we hardly knew ye. Sprung to plug a gap that even the Valencia filter couldn’t fill, you gave us the gift of viewing Instagram on a normal-sized screen. The crick in our necks from hovering over our iPhones soon subsided, the headaches borne of squinting melted away. Now, we could browse photos of Kim K.’s cat planning its imminent suicide from the comfort of our laptops; we could witness Lena Dunham’s haircut evolution without our thumbs getting tired. Read More


The Hipstamatic Saga Makes Us Wonder Why Designers and Developers Can’t be Friends [UPDATED]

Ye olde troubled waters. (Photo:

Fast Company decided it was time to check in on the Hipstamatic guys. How’ve things been since the Instagram acquisition made them look like the losers in the photo app head-to-head? Well, no one expected everything would be happiness and fun times. But the picture that emerges in the second installment of a three-part series on the company sounds a lot like Lord of the Flies set in Silicon Valley. 

In the very first line, CEO Lucas Buick admits that, in the last year, the company has lost focus. Twitter expressed interest in an acquisition, sources say, but the idea wasn’t taken too seriously. Attempts to transition to social have been rocky.

But it sounds like matters haven’t been helped by a cultural rift within the company. Outlined in painful detail is a gulf between the founders and the developers the employees (many of them developers) hired once the company was up and running: Read More

What Twitter Taught Us

Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator Is Not Happy That Instagram Is Now on Android: ‘EWW’

In its first day on the Android platform, Instagram, the massively-popular photo-sharing service that’s already captivated the Steve Jobs set, clocked 1 million downloads. But not everyone is pleased.

As it turns out, Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator, who has 20,685 followers on Instagram and was recently voted the top rapper to follow, is something of an Android-hater. Yesterday, the outspoken 21-year-old tweeted out the following: Read More


Tracks Lands $1 M. Seed Round From General Catalyst and Photobucket Founder Alex Welch

Time to make Tracks

It’s been an interesting path for Tracks, a mobile photo sharing app that hopes to connect users around what it calls the “experience graph”. “We came out at TechCrunch disrupt in May,” says founder Vic Singh. “But then we relaunched in September and found some real traction. That let us put together a seed round and it feels great to go into the new year with some momentum and capital,”

Today the company announced a $1 million seed round from General Catalyst, TMT Investments, Eniac Ventures (where Mr. Singh is a general partner), AppFund, BHV Ventures, Harbor Road Ventures,, and a handful of angels investors including Photobucket founder Alex Welch, who will be joining the company’s board. “It’s a big validation to us that Alex is so interested in the company, given his history in photos.” Read More

Bubbling Up

Photo Sharing Overload Powering Pixable’s Growth


The marriage of great cameras and instant uploads made possible by the modern smartphone has led to an explosion in photo sharing. Between services like Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook, the average person is presented with three to four thousand pictures each week, says Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer. “Not many people have time for all Read More