Finally: Bushwick Bar Comes Equipped With Phone Charging Stations

The Left Hand Path. (Photo via

When your cell phone dies during a night out, it’s either a blessing (now I don’t have to answer any more texts and there’s no way I can leave my ex a drunken voicemail!) or a curse (how the f&*# am I going to find my way home?).

If you’re barhoppingĀ in Bushwick and you find yourself with the bad kind of dead phone, have no fear: the new bar Left Hand Path will hook you up with a phone charger directly under your spot at the bar. Read More

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Some Geniuses Finally Invented a Purse That Charges Your iPhone

Never miss another sext. (Photo:

Getting caught with a dead phone is terrifying. What if someone tries to abduct you and you have no way of calling 9-1-1? What if you get lost and have no way to access Google Maps? What if someone’s texting you?

But now, there’s a new way to keep your phone charged without begging the restaurant hostess to let you use the outlet by the door while you eat. Yes, a purse has been invented that can fully charge your phone twice a day without being plugged in. Read More


Public Charging Stations Could Give Your Phone Digital STDs


If you have a smartphone, chances are it’s usually dying. Thankfully, public charging stations are finally popping up all over the place–but you might want to think before using them, because they are coincidentally the perfect vehicle for viruses.

Hackers at a convention in Las Vegas last month showed that it’s possible to hack a phone through its charger, forcing the phone to make a call but also pointing out that hackers could use such technology to steal information. Read More