Studies Show

Almost No One Believes the Internet Is a Safer Space for Women Than Men

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According to MRAs — that’s Men’s Rights Activists, for those who are uninitiated in the ways of complete sociopathy — the world is imperiled by entitled women who are using the Internet as a prime battleground for subjugating helpless men. Thankfully, they’re just about the only ones who believe that bullshit.

A Pew Research poll released today revealed that while most people believe that online communities are equally friendly toward women and men (take that with a grain of salt), those who found the Internet unequal think it’s a much safer space for men. The study took a deep dive into online harassment, prompted by a number of heinous events, such as a number of women in the gaming community being driven from their homes by violent threats. Read More

Kids These Days

Online Video Chatting–All the Rich White Girls Are Doing It


“Warning to parents,” Vator News cried out yesterday, “this is what your teen does online.” Exclamation points implied! So what’s the terrifying new teen pastime parents should be panicked about? According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, teenagers are, get this, using online video.

The actual study doesn’t adopt Vator New’s fear-mongering tone, except in the way that all sentences about the online activities of teenagers sound like they’re pulled from a “Nightline” investigation. “Nearly 2 in 5 online teens (37%) say they have video chatted with someone else using applications such as Skype, iChat or Googletalk.” Ahhhhh, lock up your kids. Read More