Internet Democracy

Your Stupid White House Petition Now Requires 100,000 Signatures


After a slew of stupid petitions cluttered the White House’s official petition platform We the People, the administration has decided to raise the bar for the amount of signatures required to elicit a White House response. Now, instead of 25,000 signatures (a number easily attainable by Redditors and 4chan enthusiasts), a petition will require 100,000 signatures in order to garner a response. Read More

Internet Democracy

White House Removes Petition for State Pokemon Because Seriously, This Is Getting Old


This morning a petition on the White House’s official petition portal, We the People, began circulating across the web that asked the government to consider assigning each state a Pokemon character to represent it. It received under 1,000 signatures, but delighted swaths of “’90s ubernerds” nostalgic for a time when trading Pokemon cards on the playground was the most emotionally-fraught adventure of the day.

But a few hours after news of the petition broke, the White House yanked it from We the People, claiming that it violated the site’s Terms of Participation. We have to assume recognizing a state Pokemon is not exactly high up on the administration’s lengthy list of priorities. Read More

This Happened

Almost 7,000 People Sign Petition Urging President Obama to Build a Death Star

America's newest public works project. (Photo: Eye on Star Wars)

Let’s start by saying you can make a petition for almost anything on, and we’re pretty sure the President never even glances at them. But apparently, over 6,800 people have signed a petition asking President Obama to start building a Death Star, the space station/super weapon from Star Wars, by 2016. And who says the Internet savvy are politically lazy? Read More

Facebook Faceoff

Women’s Rights Group Plans Protest for Tomorrow at Facebook’s NYC HQ


At the beginning of April, progressive women’s rights group UltraViolet announced a petition that aimed to convince Facebook to add a woman to its currently all male, all white board. Looks like Facebook hasn’t bowed to their demands just yet, so UltraViolet is planning a rally tomorrow outside of Facebook’s NYC office on Madison Ave.

Feminist activist Shelby Knox, she of early aughts documentary fame, tweeted the following: “Tomorrow, feminists are rallying in front of Facebook’s NYC office to ask them to put women on their board. Join us?”

The rally is scheduled for tomorrow, April 25th, at noon, when UltraViolet intends to deliver the signed petition to the Facebook offices.