Twitter Trouble

Killjoy Mayor Orders Police Action Because of Crack-Filled Parody Tweets

Mayor Jim Ardis (

Being mean to the mayor of Peoria, Ill. on the interwebs can apparently get you #arrested.

Sometime in late February or early March, somebody launched @peoriamayor — a parody Twitter account designed to skewer the city’s mayor, Jim Ardis, the Peoria Journal Star reported.

Based on the tweets it sent out — which are now unavailable, as the account is suspended — the Twitter account painted Mayor Ardis as being really into marijuana, crack and prostitutes — basically a Peoria version of Toronto’s Rob Ford. Read More

Public Relations

This Is Google’s New Ad Campaign in New York [PICS]

google beetles

Remember back when Google used to not advertise? Those days are long gone, and the search giant is buying ads all over the New York City subway system: cute, basic drawings explaining various aspects of Google’s security or privacy policies.

Of course, Google just changed its privacy policy to make it blatant to users that if you give information to one Google product, you’re giving that data to all Google products. It’s part of the slow creep of Google+ into all our Google tools, and not everyone is happy about it. But maybe these adorable ads will help. Read More