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The ‘Awesome, Awesome’ Email That Got Tristan Walker a Top Job at Foursquare

I'm a hustla, I'm a I'm a hustla.

On the occasion of his two-year anniversary at Foursquare, Director of Business Development Tristan Walker posted the very first email he ever sent Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai–way back when he just a green b-school student going into his second year at Stanford. IA Ventures’ Ben Siscovick reblogged it, noting that:

“In it we see a young, smart and obnoxiously hungry person *will* himself into a killer opportunity. If you are outside StartupLand looking to get in, read this then read it again – this is how it is done.”

If Mr. Walker’s path to gainful start-up employment is anything to judge by, applicants need not shy away from a liberal sprinkling of exclamation points, or the word awesome, or fret over an errant capitalization or two. “I spelled foursquare “FourSquare”…capital F and capital S….TWICE! (so taboo these days)”

They also have to be willing to send eight emails before they get one (tersely-worded) response. Oh yeah, and if Dens asks if you’re ever in New York, pretend you were planning on being there the very next day, buy a ticket that night, and fly out. After that, just thirty days of working for free and, voila, life-changing job! Read More