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Greatist, the Smartly Sourced Health Hub for Normals, Zooms Past One Million Monthly Uniques

Absperimentin' (Photo by Ian Spanier via DerekFlanzraich.com)

Derek Flanzraich, the 25-year-old Harvard grad founder and CEO of Greatist, has had a pretty productive summer. Greatist, the online health and wellness hub he launched a little over a year ago just skipped past one million monthly uniques. And Mr.¬†Flanzraich, whose PR rep pointed out that he “looks like an Abercrombie model,” (duly noted) procured himself a set of six-pack abs, albeit temporarily.

“It took me six weeks to get a six-pack and one-and-a-half weeks to lose it,” Mr.¬†Flanzraich told Betabeat last week of the “#Absperiment,” he documented on the site. Read More