Google App Store Now Offering Way to Cheat WSJ Paywall

Gives new mean to the phrase "just Google it"

One of the more interesting dichotomies to develop in the software ecosystem over the past few years has been the open nature of Google’s app stores versus the closed and controlled marketplace maintained by Apple.

A new app in the Chrome store, Read WSJ, lets users get access to stories protected by the paywall without paying for a subscription the Wall Street Journal. It’s the perfect example of the sort of viral application that a permissive marketplace fosters.

It’s also the sort of thing that is going to produce big headaches for Google, which has had little luck in securing partnerships with the music, television and publishing industries.  Read More


NYT Lawyers: We Can’t Stop Paywall Hacks, but Don’t Use Our Name

wall jumper

The New York Times has been sending out cease-and-desist letters hackers who created various clever tricks to get around the paper’s new paywall, including the @FreeNYT, @freeNYTimes accounts on Twitter as well as the NYTClean bookmarklet which negates the code on a page that brings up the paywall. This doesn’t mean the Times won’t sue or threaten over the functionality of the hacks under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, but the paper doesn’t seem to have plans for that yet. NYTClean has been renamed NYClean; the free Twitter accounts have not switched over yet.  –Bb. Read More