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Good Thing We’re Tech Bloggers, Or We’d Never Have Noticed The Free Payphone Wifi


Yesterday, New York City rolled out a program turning increasingly useless old payphones into free Wifi hotspots. The coverage has been positive, as one might expect: What’s not to like about free Wifi?

But we do have one complaint: If we weren’t tech bloggers, we probably wouldn’t have noticed that this particular payphone was anything out of the ordinary.  Read More


Booting Up: Uber’s Milkshake to Bring all the Boys to the Yard Edition

(Photo: We are the Archetype)

Car service app Uber is rolling out a one-day feature in seven cities (including New York!) that allows users to request an ice cream truck. God, some people will do anything for attention. [New York Times]

Here’s Steve Ballmer being all Steve Ballmer again. [Forbes]

100 Curls that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity. We assume Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera got a free haircut out of this deal? [Ouidad]

Your punishment for still using Yahoo! Voice is that your account was probably hacked. Sorry. [Ars Technica]

That best place for NYC to announce a new initiative turning payphones into wifi hotspots? Tumblr, natch. [NYC Gov Tumblr]

Is Apple discriminating against Iranian-Americans? [New York Times]