Booting Up: ‘Selfie’ Named Word of the Year, But At Least It’s Not ‘Moist’

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)

Starting today, Uber passengers can now pay for their rides using PayPal. [GigaOM]

We’d love to be at the meeting between the RapGenius guys and the songwriters’ group accusing them of stealing their work. [The Wrap]

The usage of the word “selfie” shot up 17,000% since two years ago with the Instagram accounts of Betabeat’s staff accounting for half of that. [USA Today]

If you have all of your 401(k) invested in Bitcoins, yesterday was a worrying time since it lost nearly $300 of its value in a half hour. [GeekWire]

The founders of Myspace blame Rupert Murdoch for destroying the site and nothing else. [Huffington Post]

Goooood Morning Silicon Alley!

Best Tech Events This Week (PayPal BattleHack, ATT Hackathon, Social Retail Summit, Startup Grind)


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Booting Up: You May Now Makeout With the Digg Reader iOS App


Digg Reader, which many bloggers would like to kiss on the mouth, is now available as an iPhone app. [TechCrunch]

Three key figures in the technology world were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame yesterday: storied venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, the late hacktivist Aaron Swartz and open source deity (and foot thing eater) Richard Stallman. [Business Insider]

A young Icelandic man who served as a long-time Wikileaks volunteer was actually a double agent, passing information about Wikileaks onto the FBI in exchange for $5,000. Cheap date. [Wired]

In case you didn’t already transfer your X-rated material over to Tumblr, Google doesn’t want you to make money off of your porny Blogger account. [The Verge]

PayPal has launched an initiative (read: viral marketing scheme) to help tackle payments in space. Makes sense, given how much its cofounder Elon Musk is invested in making it to Mars. [PayPal blog]

New York-based network TV streaming service Aereo is launching in Chicago in September. [Deadline]

Thielin' It

Immortal Billionaire Peter Thiel to Write Book Your Weird Uncle Will Give You for Graduation

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Peter Thiel, the dashing PayPal founder who was born when Ray Kurzweil and a unicorn cyborg mated beneath a full moon, is adding “author” to his long list of accomplishments. The New York Times reports that Mr. Thiel, a utopia-obsessed angel investor who spends a large chunk of his life convincing impressionable geniuses to eschew college degrees, is currently working on a book about “building companies” called Zero to One. Read More

Craigslist Goodies

Thriving Cronut Black Market Emerges On Craigslist

A cronut-pushing cat. (Photo: Craigslist)

Cronuts are hot right now. So hot, in fact, that a couple of regular Paulie Walnuts are amassing the delicious pastries and selling them on Craigslist at up to five times the original price.

The croissant-donut hybrid is sparking Magnolia-Bakery-in-2002 levels of buzz, although most have never even lain lips on its flakey, sugary layers. Cronuts are found at Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo — but only for a few minutes after the opening at 5 a.m., after which point they’re sold out.

But thanks to some Craigslist schemers, the hungered masses throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and sometimes Staten Island can get their mitts on the half-breed pastries. Read More


Booting Up: PayPal is ‘Kinda Thinking About’ Using Bitcoin

Googlers? (Photo: ConferenceBike)

The bizarre tale of Google’s takeover of Provo’s fiber network is getting even weirder. The search giant billed the Utah city $500,000 to locate where the wires are hidden since the company that installed them didn’t keep proper records of where they were buried. [Ars Technica]

Matthew Keys, the beleaguered former Reuters deputy social media editor, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges that he conspired with Anonymous to break-in and attack websites of his former employer, Tribune. His next court date is June 12. [Huffington Post]

“Anytime I’m at a dinner or an event, social or business, people are buzzing about Tinder.” And with those words spoken, a Times profile of the dating app was born. [New York Times]

Google houses more than 1,300 colorful bikes in a warehouse near its Mountain View headquarters for employees to use because there’s no perk not offered there. Were you expecting anything less? [Wired]

PayPal said that it’s “kinda thinking about” introducing Bitcoin as a form of payment in its system. [Silicon Angle]

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is officially on Twitter. No word if he’s #TeamFollowback. [TNW]


Booting Up: Apple Thinks You Should Be Able to Marry Whoever You Want


Several big tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Intel have publicly declared their support for gay marriage. They’re part of a corporate group that’s reportedly planning to file an amicus brief in support of overturning California’s Prop 8. [Bloomberg]

Yahoo would like you to know that its new, anti-work-from-home police has absolutely nothing to do with you (unless you work at Yahoo). [Mercury News]

“While hanging with my 12 year old cousin the other day, I unknowingly entered into the world of Tweenstagram, a vastly different space than the Instagram I have grown to know and love (and refresh too often).” Do go on. [Wisdom of Pearls]

Max Levchin, one of the cofounders of PayPal, is launching a new mobile payments startup with the chipper name of Affirm. “You will essentially be putting a purchase on a digital tab, and we are going to make it work for us by looking at all available data to determine if you are someone who will pay it back.” [AllThingsD]

Former Square COO Keith Rabois, who left in the wake of sexual harassment accusations, has landed at Khlosa Ventures as a VC. [AllThingsD]

Visiting Dignitaries

Mark Zuckerberg, the State of California Would Like You to Pick Up Your Unclaimed Checks

Happy Holiday$! (Photo:

However broke the state of California may be, it’s also sitting on a treasure trove of unclaimed property that’s valued at over $6 billion. Holders like “corporations, business associations, financial institutions, and insurance companies” are required to report any unclaimed property annually to the state comptroller’s office. That means if you’ve forgotten about bank account contents or uncashed money orders, they’re sitting around with the comptroller. Read More