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Venture Capitalists Bring Back Pay-to-Pitch, Rebrand It as a Deli Counter ‘Without the Line’


Mark MacLeod, a partner at the Montreal-based seed fund Real Ventures, recently posted a list of venture capitalists to avoid that quickly got passed around Twitter. Don’t take money, he advised, from archetypes like “the banker,” “the name-dropper,” “the dude on 20 boards,” etc.

Those kinds of self-interested parties have been circling around the tech scene for years. But perhaps the downward turn in startup financing is bringing back the sharp elbows that didn’t serve as well in a “party round” atmosphereRead More

Pitch Your Battles

You Can Pay Just $1,585 to Pitch at the New York Venture Summit

YoungStartup Ventures.

The New York Venture Summit is back with a magnificent pay-to-pitch event scheduled for this summer. The program with “honor 50 Top Innovators,” or rather, the top 50 companies with the scratch to pay for a spot to present in front of “Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, Angel Investors and Investment bankers.”

There is no fee to apply, New York Venture Summit notes brightly, but it’ll cost $1,585 to get on stage at Digital Sandbox, and $385 just to mill around. Investors pay $480. Hey, you gotta spend money to make money, right? At least it’s not the spendiest. Read More

Screw You Pay Me

Pay-to-Pitch Comes Creeping Back: How Much Is Too Much?


Entrepreneurs and other startup economy workers have started complaining about rising fees of events around town—the sheer abundance of tech events in New York has us habituated to all-star panels and pizza for $0 to $5. But while $35 classes at General Assembly inspire the occasional grousing, there is one thing that seems to really get the startup community riled up: events that charge entrepreneurs to pitch. Read More