Connect the ‘Dots’: How Betaworks Made Your New Favorite App

This is Dots. (Photo: iTunes)

Fling those dumb Angry Birds into oblivion already: there’s a new free replacement sitting in the iTunes App Store for your time-killing needs. Enter Dots, a minimalistic game that accentuates the speediness of your swiping skills by connecting as many same-colored dots as possible in 60 seconds. The more dots—or better yet, boxes—you link together and create, the higher you score.

The game was the brainchild of Betaworks hacker-in-residence Patrick Moberg, who had never designed or coded a game before. He began development of Dots in January under the direction that the non-incubator wanted to create a “zen-like” game that people wouldn’t feel guilty playing. Read More

Stormy Weather

Betaworks Launches Weather Service Because Let’s Face It, You’re No Meteorologist

Brb, running to the Warby Parker store. (Photo: Screencap)

Do unexpectedly blustery days leave you wailing at the fates? Sick of dressing in your smartest spring sandals, only to walk outside and discover there’s still a nip in the air?

So are the folks at Betaworks, apparently.

And now, a small team led by hacker-in-residence Kuan Huang has dreamed up Poncho, a new weather service launching today for New York City. It promises to deliver a personalized forecast that’ll help you figure out whether you can really get by with just a cardigan.

Mr. Huang told Betabeat that the idea was born as “something for my personal use.” He wanted an interpreter for the forecast, who could tell him, “It’s 46 degrees, windy; you should wear a scarf.” He admitted it’s “a pain point I have in my life.” You and me both, buddy. Read More

Movers and Shakers

Betaworks Poaches Another NYC Startup Exec, Aviary’s Paul Murphy, for Entrepreneur-in-Residence Role

Mr. Murphy (Photo: Twitter)

Looks like startup non-incubator Betaworks is in a hiring frenzy. Days after announcing it had snapped up former Tumblr VP Andrew McLaughlin, the company is making news again with another Entrepreneur-in-Residence hire.

Paul Murphy, COO of Aviary, is leaving his post at the photo editing startup to join the Betaworks folks at their sweet Meatpacking office. Read More