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The Verge: How the Engadgeteers Broke Free of Aol and Built the Site They’d Been Dreaming Of


The Verge launched yesterday in the early a.m. without a hitch: a sleek tech news site complete with longer analysis, forums, a product database and a Q&A with insanely-popular Apple blogger John Gruber to ensure a nice inaugural traffic boost.

“For me, this was an idea that was forming for a long time,” said Josh Topolsky, former Engadget editor and current editor and co-founder of the new site. The editor—Jimmy Fallon’s gadget consultant and electronic musician—was getting notes from co-workers as he spoke to Betabeat this morning by phone (“26, 27 editorially-focused employees? Okay, I’m being told it’s 29″).  Read More

Summer Jamz

Diplo Premiered New Tracks on, the Crowd Went Wild with ‘H8′


Betabeat got the heads up yesterday that Talib Kweli was spinning in impromptu A.M. concert in when investor Chris Sacca tweeted, “Umm, yes. This is really happening” with a link to the System Addict – Idle Warship room.

Since we lasted spotted Mr. Sacca getting his mind blown over magic tricks with co-founder Seth Goldstein, we took him at his tweet. [Avatar] heads started bouncing when Mr. Kweli put on some “H&O,” which we, naturally, take to mean Hall & Oates. (“I Can’t Go For That”? “Rich Girl”? Wait, wait, no, don’t tell us . . . “Maneater”!)

But apparently not all’s brushes with fame have ended so pleasantly in the streaming music/chatroom/chance to DJ service. Take, for example, Paul Miller’s account on This My Next of the time he walked into’s VIPfest room to find Diplo, Gorilla vs. Bear, the founder of Pitchfork, and Carles from Hipster Runoff. “That’s when things got weird.” Read More