The Real TechStars of New York

Bloomberg Reality TV Producer Ditches TechStars New York to Film That Other Startup Hot Bed… Los Angeles?


A startup accelerator is not so different from a reality TV competition, when you think about it. And no one can say Betabeat hasn’t.

You have a set period of time, an overeager stable of contestants (co-founders), a panel of judges dangling your future in their hands (investors), a big fat prize at the end (financing), oh yeah, and the pressure-cooking anxiety. The appeal of that built-in framework was not lost on Bloomberg reality TV producer Cameron Casey, who earlier this year tried to remake David Tisch and David Cohen into the Tyra Banks and Miss Jay of seed stage mentorship with TechStars reality show.

Perhaps do some pushback from entrepreneurs about having their late night ramblings and embarrassing pivots reduced to snippets on national TV, Mr. Casey is moving on to a city a little more primed for the vagaries of the small screen, if lacking a certain entrepreneurial cache. Read More