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Rumors & Acquisitions: Poach Motel and More @FakeDaveTisch Guesses


POACHER KING. In the course of researching a story about poaching etiquette—o, the ham-fisted ways of recruiters with unlimited InMail!—Betabeat learned of a notoriously aggressive recruiter who is a known poacher. “It is an individual male who has his name in the title of his company, it’s a very small company more prevalent in New York,” a source told us. Guesses, Betabeasties? Perhaps Dave Carvajal of Dave Partners, or Paul Daversa from Daversa Partners: “Daversa Partners is exceptional at the three things that drive legendary search work: we partner with the companies that dominate the market; we consistently capture the attention of game changing executives; and we close the unrecruitable candidates.” Read More