Patently Absurd

Patent Trolls Target 3D Printing, Seek to Limit Our Ability to Print Human Flesh


Apparently the advent of 3D printing technology is scary enough that before we’re even able to print out a new pair of shoes, patent trolls Intellectual Ventures have secured a patent that might prevent the use of 3D printing technology for making really fun stuff like cars, or zeppelins.

MIT’s Technology Review blog has taken a look at the patent and finds that it is a weirdly comprehensive attempt to enforce digital rights management (DRM) for items no one ever knew might need such protection: Read More

They See Me Trollin'

Patent Troll vs. Foursquare: Checkin App Sued Over GPS Technology

U mad? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Oh good, the patent trolls are at it again.

There’s something remarkably sinister about shell companies whose raison d’être is to mess with people actually working to innovate and build cool things. Silver State Intellectual Technologies, a shell company based in Las Vegas, is no exception. Now it’s taking its own brand of assholery to one of New York’s most adored startups: Foursquare.

GigaOm reports that Silver State claims to own the patent for GPS information technology, and is subsequently suing Foursquare for, like most modern internet companies, using GPS? Read More

Patently Absurd

Kickstarter Sues Patent Troll Who Claims To Have Invented Crowdfunding

You'll be funding my next project, like it or not

As first reported by PaidContent, Kickstarter is embroiled in a legal battle with musician and entrepreneur named Brian Camelio, who’s notable achievements include playing on a Journey record. In their claim, Kickstarter says Mr. Camelio has shown up multiple times to demand they pay to license his technology. He currently runs the site ArtistShare, where users can contribute to musicians and participate in the creative process. He obtained a patent for this process earlier this year. Read More