YouPorn Passwords, Emails Exposed


Sloppy security measures at mega skin site YouPorn have exposed 6433 user emails and passwords. The email addresses in particular indicate you should never use your actual information to register to watch free porn. Naked Security explains how anonymous (note lower case “A”) hackers knocked this fat fastball of compromised data right into a public Pastebin file for all to see: Read More

Occupy Wall Street

Pastebin, Website Popular with Anonymous and LulzSec, Now Being Used by Occupy Wall Street

via Pastebin

The New York Times has an interesting article today about how, a site that lets you store text for a set period of time without registering your identity, was used by Occupy Wall Street, particularly in its “anarchic” early days. You know, before it set up a media tent and started publishing its own Wall Street journal.

What the Times doesn’t mention, however, is how Pastebin, which was first set up to store snippets of code, subsequently became a haunt for IRC, with hacker groups like Anonymous and LulzSec following. In fact, when someone purporting to be an Anon threatened a “Day of Vengeance” as part of Occupy Wall Street back in September, the “press release” was found on Pastebin. Read More