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This NYC App Promises to Do the Impossible: Find You a Cheap Parking Spot

Like this.

There are a lot of ways to get to New York City: by plane, by train, by ferry, by subway, and by cab, if you live close enough. They’re all pretty okay.

But grumpy dads throughout the tristate area will agree that driving into NYC is a horrible way to spend a Saturday. As if the traffic, tolls and gas money weren’t enough, once a motorist arrives in Manhattan, the battle for a parking spot can be legendary. Parking garages charge the equivalent of a monthly student loan payment for just a day of service, and a free spot in NYC is harder to find than a public restroom. Read More

App for That

New App Pays You to Snitch On Illegally Parked Cars

Come on, we've all been there. (Screengrab:

Be careful, crappy drivers of the world: a new app will encourage passersby to snitch on your dicey park job in exchange for a cut of the parking ticket.

The app, SpotSquad, is being developed by the least fun tech startup in the world, based in Winnipeg, Canada, according to Fox News. Its primary users will presumably be money-grubbing killjoys and people who didn’t get into the police academy.  Read More