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Rumor Roundup: The World’s Most Cheapskate VC and 57 Is Spotify’s Unlucky Number


I’ll Take Stingy for $5, Alex We’ve heard of venture capitalists who drive a hard bargain when it comes to their term sheets, but not so much when they drive off Sand Hill Road. So we were dismayed to learn that a VC at a very prominent 36-year-old venture capital firm asked the non-profit(!) meetup group Hacks/Hackers, which brings together journalists and technologists, to waive a $5 attendance fee for an event. To put that number in context: the firm has more than $400 million under management.

Hacks/Hackers has a very welcoming attendance policy and routinely waives fees for students so that no one gets shut out. But if your portfolio’s aggregate revenue teeters up into the billions, just pry your hands off the fiver, dude. Read More

Visiting Dignitaries

The Most Popular Celebrity on That New Search Engine for Porn? Kim Kardashian, Of Kourse

Person of interest. (Photo: David Shankbone, via Flickr Creative Commons

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Internet got what it’s so clearly needed all along: an, ahem, portal to the universe of smut. Launched September 27, is meant to provide a secure alternative to just Googling your most secret fetish, so you won’t get outed the next time someone borrows your laptop.

ICM Registry, the company behind the site, reached out to Betabeat to share a few statistics. received a whopping billion impressions within its first week, as grateful porn connoisseurs and teens stuck using the family computer flocked to the site. Read More

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10 Startups, Ranked in Order of Hotness

Path? That's hot. (

The climate for Internet startups is heating up. Startups are closing rounds faster, getting popular more quickly, scoring higher valuations and getting acquired with increasing greediness. As local luminary and angel investor Chris Dixon notes, the preponderance of hockey stick growth among the top tier of startups is creating a heavy set of expectations that weighs upon the littler startups. These A-list startups are like the impossibly pretty cheerleaders or the improbably studly jocks who discourage the rest of the high school with their sheer existence. They’re the “it” startups, and they can do no wrong. In other words: they’re hot.  Read More