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Insane Couple Asks Reddit To Name Its Unborn Baby Girl

"Please don't name me Salad!" (Wikimedia Commons)

In what’s sure to be the first in a couple’s long line of fabulous parenting decisions, two soon-to-be parents have asked the Internet for help naming their daughter. 

With the approval of his (probably long suffering) wife, the husband set up, where users can vote for their favorite first and middle names for the unborn baby girl. 

The husband explained himself and appealed to potential voters on Reddit, because obviously: Read More

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Parents Seem Pretty Chill About Letting iPads Raise Their Kids

Dramatization. (Photo: Brutal Gamer)

There’s nothing like the soothing glow of a digital screen to shut your kid up for a few minutes. Parents have known this since the dawn of television.

But now, there’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to getting your kid to sit still for longer than three seconds, and it’s called the tablet. Tablet ownership among families has risen at an insane rate–40 percent of families own the devices now, while two years ago, only 8 percent did, according to the New York Times. So if you wondered who was buying all those Kindle Fires, there you go. Read More

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This Clip-on GPS Will Keep Track of Your Kid While She Runs Around Like a Maniac

Peace out, olds, I'm heading to Iceland. (Photo: Wonder Technology Solutions)

Parenting is hard, but thankfully, tech is around to #disrupt the less joyful aspects of mother- and fatherhood.

For example, keeping track of your kid–what a drag! Who’s got the time? Thankfully, now you can clip a new product called the Trax GPS tracker onto your child’s lapel, safe in the knowledge that you can knock back a few Amstel Lights while little Madison terrorizes party guests. Read More

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‘MommyCoach’ Means Never Having to Call Your Smug Older Sister For Parenting Advice Again

Stock photo moms, they're just like us! (Screengrab:

When it comes to child-rearing advice there’s a new sheriff in town, and its name is “the Internet.”

More specifically it’s a startup called MommyCoach, because shhh your father is busy right now. Despite the female-centric name, though, the site was founded by CEO Christophe Garnier, who is, you guessed it, a guy. What are the odds!

MommyCoach will help its users “learn from experts on a range of topics related to their new lives, sharing not only tested parenting advice, but also information on subjects like food and nutrition, health and fitness, life and work, and more,” TechCrunch reports. Read More