It's Zuck's World We're Just Living In It

Pro-Privacy (for Himself): Mark Zuckerberg Just Bought the Four Houses Around His Palo Alto Home

Everything he ever said, ever. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

It’s one of the grand ironies of the social media age that Mark Zuckerberg, who made billions by making it so, so easy to follow the lives of our exes–is extremely zealous in guarding his own privacy. Remember that fight with Mahbod Moghadam and the Instagram photo?

Well according to the San Jose Mercury Newshe’s recently taken it to new heights. Apparently Zuck has opened his wallet and purchased the four homes around his own Palo Alto pad, shelling out $30 million total, paying at market rates. Read More

Apple in Your Eye

Whoops! New Apple Store Said to be ‘Almost Unbearably’ Loud

Now more hackable. (Photo: Monday Note)

At the end of October, Apple unveiled a new Palo Alto store. You’d think that a company famous for its attention to detail would lavish special care on a new showcase just a couple towns over from Cupertino. But while it sure is pretty, Apple’s latest, greatest glass temple to minimalism is apparently louder than the most ear-splitting high school cafeteria.

Former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée stopped by recently, and he did not like what he found: Read More

Meanwhile Back at the Valley

Palo Alto PD Plans to Live-Tweet a Friday Night, Because of Course

Palo Alto's finest. (Photo:

Is there any place more constantly connected than Silicon Valley? The latest illustration: The Palo Alto Police Department is doing a “virtual ride-along,” on Friday night, via Twitter (of course.)

Is anyone else now picturing Jack Dorsey inviting himself along, providing design tips and suggestions for simplification as Palo Alto’s finest attempt to do their Read More

The Youngs

Guess What, Underachievers: In Palo Alto, Even Teens Have Startups

Yes, we know that's SoCal.

Decades of movies and television shows set in California high schools have given us certain expectations about what it’s like to be a teenager on the West Coast. Without getting too side-tracked in the thickets of stereotype, we’re envisioning beaches and bonfires and, at the very least, the occasional joint. (Also a little light vampire-slaying.)

Not Palo Alto, though. In Silicon Valley, high schoolers found startups. Feel bad about your wasted youth yet?

The New York Times stopped by Palo Alto High for a meeting of the Paly Entrepreneurs Club, where a bunch of kids who can barely drive and damn sure can’t drink are scheming on bright entrepreneurial futures: Read More

Lego my LEGOs

Professional Nerd Uses Scam to Buy More LEGOs

The "Computer Programmer" lego minifigure. (

It’s not always sunny in Legoland, guys. NBC Bay Area reports that Thomas Langenbach, a VP at ERP software company SAP Labs in Palo Alto, has been arrested for stealing LEGOs. Mr. Langenbach, who likes to go by “Lord LEGOs” (okay, not really), used his computer expertise to create new bar codes, which he stuck overtop of regular Target bar codes in order to purchase LEGOs at reduced prices. Read More

Alley vs. Valley

YouAre.TV Moves Back to New York After Fallout With Flaky Co-Founder-to-Be in Palo Alto

Young Weinstein

YouAre.TV founder and General Assembly alum Josh Weinstein is back in New York after an ill-fated adventure in Palo Alto, taking with him his hockey pads and leaving behind a flaky coder who was supposed to become YouAre.TV’s CTO.

Mr. Weinstein penned a tell-all-blog post in which he explains how Palo Alto was fun at first, what with all the hanging out at Facebook and Google, and how he got to play hockey with Guy Kawasaki (more than once!) and had a stand-up desk. Of course, it was superangel Peter Thiel who convinced Mr. Weinstein to move to the Valley–Mr. Thiel regards the bright young founder as an accolyte–so Mr. Weinstein was able to be close to his mentor. “At first, we wondered if Mr. Thiel just wanted to have someone to play chess with. But YouAre.TV just recruited a new CTO, so we guess there are still plans to build a company,” Betabeat wrote in a rumor roundup at the time.

Sadly, things quickly went sour. Mr. Weinstein discovered Palo Alto was understimulating. “As a city kid, I started to feel the isolation of living in Palo Alto and not working in a coworking space,” he wrote. To make things worse, his CTO wasn’t working as much as promised–and kept pushing back his start date. Read More