Booting Up: Turns Out Craigslist Can’t Copyright Its Customers’ Listings


Things aren’t going so great over at the Silk Road. Where are nerds going to order their Molly now?! [Telegraph]

Now any old rando can shell out for promoted tweets. Please, please let’s not start using this to promote resumes. [Ad Week]

Craigslist can no longer spook startups like Padmapper with threats of prosecution for copyright infringement: A judge has ruled the company has no such ownership of its users’ listings. [Forbes]

“When he woke up, he found that Path had gone on a rogue mission early in the morning, texting and robocalling an unknown number of his contacts, including his grandparents.” [The Verge]

Apparently authors still bother getting pissed at bloggers. [Daily Dot]

There's a Map for That

Move Over, PadMapper: Craigslist is Stealthily Testing Maps

(Photo: Craigslist)

When last we heard from Craigslist, they were filing suit against a scrappy little startup called PadMapper and yanking their listings from Google to keep PadMapper from aggregating them. It was kind of a dick move. But at least now we have a motive!

Craigslist is apparently working on a map tool of its own. Oh, and while it’s doing its best to discourage web openness, it’s also using an open crowd-sourced platform to build out Craigslist maps. Hey, maybe they’re hoping PadMapper will join in the effort to collect location info? Read More

The Dark Side

Craigslist Goes Dark Side, Attempts to Maneuver PadMapper and Others Out of Existence

U mad? (Photo: Idea Mensch)

When last we checked in on the escalating tiffs between Craigslist and Padmapper, the ugly-as-a-mud-fence classifieds site had filed suit against the scrappy startup. Now comes another skirmish: the Verge reports that Craigslist has yanked its listings from Google and other search engines, which is the data equivalent of just ripping out all the wires that make PadMapper go.  Read More


Booting Up: Long Live Yahoogle Edition

(Photo: Top News)

Marissa Mayer is reportedly getting straight to work Googlifying Yahoo. She officially made the food in the Valley HQ free again, much to the delight of the company’s starving engineers. [AllThingsD]

Speaking of Ms. Mayer, Dave McClure thinks she should focus on transforming Yahoo into a female-oriented company. Unfortunately, he called his blog post on the idea, “Pink is the new Purple.” [500 Hats]

Craigslist is stifling innovation by suing PadMapper. [New York Times]

Companies actually listen to your online reviews. Rejoice, asshole Yelpers! [Wall Street Journal]

Presented without comment: “Mr. Blodget now presides over Business Insider from a makeshift standing desk in the middle of a 50-person newsroom in New York, where he barks questions (“Is it cool?” “Can we clip that video?”) at his reporters.” [WSJ]

When Lawyers Send Letters

Craigslist Goes Full on Troll, Sues PadMapper for Aggregating Its Listings

U mad? (Photo: Idea Mensch)

Remember the good old days, when Craigslist was a granola-crunchy, free-wheeling sort of place, filled with back alley studio sublets and questionable masseuses and sweaty old men with foot fetishes? Ah, those were the times.

But now the little Craigslist that we all love and rely on so much has grown into a corporate overlord, moving to squash a tiny startup focused on continuing to innovate on the local listings concept. Oh Craig Newmark, why hath thou forsaken us?

GigaOm reports that, following Padmapper’s “dickish” decision to continue to include Craigslist apartment listings on its visual mapping tool (despite a cease-and-desist letter), Craigslist is sue Padmapper and its API provider 3Taps. Not exactly an “embrace the free Internet” move there, Craigslist. Read More

There's a Map for That

PadMapper Founder Decides to Re-Implement Craigslist Listings, Despite it Being a Little ‘Dickish’

Mr. DeMenthon (Photo: Google+)

A couple weeks ago, apartment finding map service PadMapper received a cease and desist letter from Craigslist demanding that they remove Craiglist listings from their maps. The move made PadMapper a far less useful tool for apartment hunting, and seemed like a low blow from Craigslist, a site that techies normally hold in high esteem.

But today, PadMapper’s founder Eric DeMenthon announced on the PadMapper blog that he’s found a way to include Craiglist’s listings on the site that’s “legally kosher,” and plans to re-implement them ASAP. Mr. DeMenthon admits that the move is “somewhat dickish,” but decided that he’d rather inconvenience Craigslist than PadMapper’s millions of monthly users. Read More